Friday, July 31, 2009

The Dress Came XD

So I got the Janie and Jack dress in the mail today (I order a few dresses for her to grow into, a baby shower present and a T for Texas). The dress is so stinking cute. I tried it on Marilyn. It's a little big but it is darling. I want her to get some good pictures in it. I would of taken pictures right now but I don't know where my camera is. It can't be far. I uploaded photos yesterday. Other than me not knowing where my camera is I am going to take some pictures of her in it on Sunday... if I can find my camera.

Stinkin' Dogs!

So I went out to feed the dogs. We have a Jack Russel named Thunder and a bear dog named Ginger. The were ok for the first 30 minutes that the food was out until they started fighting. I had to pull the hose on them. We got Thunder first so I am attached to that evil little rat. Ginger is a Black Mouth Cur. I picked out the breed. I love her, she is the sweetest dog... other than her fighting with Thunder. Ginger won this round.

Yippie! Spencer gets back!

Spencer just called me and let me know that he is on his way home. I was out of town last week and he is out of town this week. In the past two weeks the only day that I saw him was on his birthday. I guess I am lucky because my Mother-in-law rode back from Utah with me. When we got back to my house she said that she would watch the kids so Spencer and I could have a date. So far in the past couple of weeks that has been the only quality time that I have spent with Spencer.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Window Shopping

So when I am home alone and I don't have much to do I hop online and do some window shopping. The other day I called my little sister for her opinion on some dresses. She is awesome, she puts up with me. I had her look at some of the dresses that my little one has from Gymboree almost all of the ones that I think are cute from there I have but then she pointed out a cute little monkey dress. I don't have it and I think it's way cute. This is one of the things that I really like but I am not going to get it for my Darling Daughter.

We also looked over at They have some classy little dresses. For about three days I kept on going to the same dress and just staring at it. I think it is so stinkin' cute. It has sleeves too so that is a bonus. So I bought it. It was a bit more than what Wal-Mart would cost or Carters but it is sooo much cuter. Spencer is out of town so he wont find out that I bought it until it comes in the mail. I looked at clothes for me too but I didn't see anything I liked. When I was looking with my aunt for formals I saw a pretty green dress at, she bought it, but when I went back it was GONE!

Middle of the night

Um something about me... I am a mother of two and I love my kids and my husband.

I am online at this late hour because my husband is out of town again. I get so bored when he is gone that I thought that I should start a blog. A blog is way better than calling one of my sisters in the middle of the night. There is a good chance that they would be awake but I don't want them to prove that I am crazy.