Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Growing Frustration

I have a little bit of a dilemma. Texas at nine months was in 18-24 month clothes. He didn't look huge. I remember Spencer and I going to Costco to pick up winter clothes for him because all of the winter clothes that were given to us were 6-9 or 9-12 month clothes. Texas has four or five cousins that are around his age. He is the youngest by about a month and a half. Texas is taller than all of his cousins in a two year range to this day. We are at the point now that Texas stays in the same clothes for about a year. Thank goodness. He is now in 4T pants and 4 or 5T shirts because of the Nelson side having super long torsos.
Poor Marilyn is now nine months and she is in 6-9 month clothes. Her 12 month clothes are big on her. Why is this a little frustrating? It is frustrating because all of the clothes that I bought for Miss Marilyn on sale six months back are 18 month clothes. So when it starts getting cold she will have no clothes (scratch that, she will have a coat that we bought two months back that is from last winters collection). I have been shopping around and I have seen the clothes creep up in price slowly because the Christmas season really starts in August.

Places that I have seen go up in price, and the percent of how much they have gone up in the past month:
OldNavy 15%
OshKosh outlet 70%
Gyboree/Crazy8 23%
Carters outlet 50%
Walmart 10%
Ok, so the prices are on sale items that I leave in my cart, clearance items, and sale priced items at the store. I have been watching them go up. It's not just one item, I go and sift through the whole store and see that all of the prices have gone up. One place that I haven't seen diddle-dadling with their prices is Target. Bad news is that Target doesn't have fall or winter clothes on sale yet.

My solution for this year is to use all of the 12 month clothes that she has right now (almost all of them are summer clothes) and buy warm sweater tights that coordinate with the shorts and the dresses that she has, long sleeved onesies, a couple sets of pajamas and a couple jackets. I don't want to go out and spend all of our money on a whole new wardrobe for Marilyn. (If I get what is just on my list it should cost less than 70 bucks). Some of her clothes that she was suppose to fit in when she was a newborn still fit her; like her tights that are 0-6 months and a jacket that is suppose to be cuffed at the sleeves that is also for 6 month old girls. Both of them are getting tight on her and I am not sure if they will fit her in three months.
Good new is that if she keeps on growing at this rate she will fit in to the clothes that I got for her this winter, next winter.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Halloween in August

So I made Marilyn her costume, and her birthday dress, and then I didn't love her birthday dress so I made another tutu and I am going to make a different dress for her birthday.
I like the short tutu's on her more. The bee costume came out so cute! I am going to get a tiara from the dollar store (I'll paint it black) and some black tights and then the costume will be complete.
So I want a red dress for her birthday pictures. I made it long because I thought that it would be way cute... I don't love it, sure it's ok, but I wanted better. So I made another tutu. I know: Jen is OCD. The short one looks much better. I am going to make a different bodice for the dress too. I think the first bodice came out fine but it is hard to put on because it is a racer back.
I remember my mom making tutus for my sisters and me when we were little and I can see why now. They are cheap to make and they are so much fun. I would not spend over twenty bucks on a tutu even if some people think that's a good deal, that is too much for me. If you make them yourself they cost three to five bucks. Not too shabby.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dream Home

For all of you that don't know; we moved into the house that we are in fast because the people that we were renting from were not paying the mortgage. So when we first moved in our house smelled like pee. I was pregnant at the time and I was too sick to go and look at the house so I just signed the papers thinking in my head that I didn't want to be homeless. I hate the house that we are in. I hate the floor plan, hate the smell, hate the neighborhood (our ward is great though).
So everyone that has moved around a lot know that when you do this you buy pieces of furniture that fits in the home that you needed it for. So when we buy our dream home I have convinced Spencer to let me sell or get rid of everything that we have and start off new. All of the boxes and books that are in the garage that we never touch I am going to get rid of them. I figure that we will not be able to do this until the kids stop experimenting with our appliances (like putting Cotton balls in the dishwasher). Until then I need to tough it out.
What I want: I would like a one story, three bedroom, three full bathroom house. One of the bathrooms connected to a mudroom and the mudroom is connected to the laundry room. I want a office/den in the front of the house. I only want one living aria. I see so may places with two or three. I want a small house that is set up well. I want thick walls and big double pained windows. I want the food storage aria right off of the kitchen. I want a small kitchen so not everyone gathers in the messy aria and they are forced to go and socialise in another room.
That is what I want. A house that is less than 2000 square feet that is set up well and it being out in BFE is a bonus too. I am not sure if they build houses that size anymore. Maybe I will take a drafting class when the kids are all in school and make some blue prints for my dream home. (See, I have a five year plan).

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thinking of Halloween

Spencer left out of town last night for work. Then I was just thinking of Halloween costumes. Texas says that he wants to be Santa (does anyone know where I can get a Santa costume in September or October?). I guess I will need to make him his costume. I was thinking for Marilyn that I wanted her to wear a build-a-bear costume but I think that she is getting to big for that. I found a cute bumble bee costume over at Gymboree but it cost too much so I think that I am going to make her one. I was thinking of a yellow tutu dress for the costume and then get her some striped tights.

Then my brain started to run off and now I am thinking of making her a cute birthday outfit. I want it RED for Marilyn's birthday! I stole the picture off of the Internet but I want something like that white dress in red for her. We will be out in Utah for her Birthday so I don't know what we are going to do for a birthday party. She was born on my grandmas birthday too. I guess we can do a joint Birthday party.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We were suppose to stay at a beach resort on Thursday night but it was booked to someone else. I was so upset that I was about to cry. I checked my reservations and they booked me for the wrong night. I printed out the paper and everything and I didn't even notice until we got there. That night we just stayed at a hotel in the aria.

On Friday we went to Disney Land like I was planing. Texas really enjoyed it even though he said that he wanted to go home a few time because he was tired and his daddy didn't like all of the traffic. I know that Texas liked it because the next morning he asked to go on a Disneyland ride. So I got passes that last for 45 days and I hope to be able to go again.

On Sunday the high of the day was cookies. Yes cookies. Spencer believes that there is a shortage of cookies in this world So I made some. Simi Wolfgramm asked Spencer to bring refreshments so I made cookies for the youth at church. Everyone loves my cookies; or they say that they do so they can get more free cookies...?

So the past few days have been those days where it has been crazy because I have a three year old. I figured out why the bathroom that we don't use was smelling so bad: Texas was peeing under the sink on the unused TP. Yuck! And I caught him shooting my tampons like a little gun when he was suppose to be going poop. I need to go and buy more tampons. We had some "mop and shine": He decided to jump on the bottle to watch it squirt out. Spencer was home when all of this happened today. Spencer got a kick out of what happened when I asked Texas who was going to clean up all of his messes. I asked Texas, and he thought that I was going to clean it all up for him. I said "No, you made all of the messes so you are going to clean them up!", He said, "No mom, that's your job". He got to clean up all of the messes that he made. It took me about the same amount of time because I had to watch him clean it up and all. I didn't have to get my hands dirty though so there was a lot less gaging on my behalf.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Staycation is booked.

So this morning I booked it. Spencer wasn't answering his phone and he told me yesterday that I should just pick what I want to do. He said this because I lost one good flight deal by a few minutes and I was upset about it. So for the staycation I found a nice beach resort for the night and we got some Southern California Disney passes to go to DisneyLand. I sent Spencer a text message about it and he called back to see if we could cancel because he doesn't like the sound of going to DisneyLand. That figures. I told Spencer what I was planing or how I wanted to schedual to go and then he seemed fine with it. Anywho, it is hard to make good reservations for anything in less than a week, let alone less than three days.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

...we want a staycation.

So Spencer has been putting in a ton of hours and he was thinking of a little staycation for this Friday. The past few weeks he has been putting in 70 plus hours so I haven't really seen him much. This week hasn't been too bad, even though it's only Tuesday. He came home last night at nine-ish and had some dinner and this morning he left at six-ish. He has been so tired. I don't know what we can or will do. He wants something relaxing like Catalina island, I want something fun like Lego Land or Disney Land. I guess the mall play aria will compensate for not going to Disney Land. We have lived out here in SoCal for over two years and still haven't to Disney Land. -To the mall we go today :P

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Monday already.

So on Friday I finished the Duvet cover. Spencer said it's nice. I don't know what that really means but I think it turned out ok.

On Saturday Spencer went fishing and caught some barracuda. I was impressed but he acted like it was no biggy because he catches them all of the time. I guess he throws them back because he thinks that they are not very tasty. I think it's impressive because they have some razor sharp teeth.

Chris Gibmonson has been using us as a hotel. He is one of Spencer's co-workers. He went to church with us on Sunday. He came in his blue jeans and said that he didn't feel out of place. I told him before that if he wore jeans no one would notice because that is just the way our ward is.

Today has been one of those days for Texas. He is taking a nap right now. So far he has been into almost everything. I had a box of baking soda on the counter... it's no longer in the box. Swept the baking soda into the sink and it made face paint for Marilyn. Peach syrup, all over the counter. Roll of toilet paper, in the pooped in toilet. The dogs, out of the kennel and fighting because they both want Texas' attention. Found Texas feeding Marilyn dog food. New art in our house made with quick light charcoal on our beige couches. Blue chalk on our black carpet. Blue chalk on Marilyn's face and legs. Barbie-Que turned into a birdbath. The front door mat drenched with water. Marilyn choking on M&M's. A whole new pack of baby wipes all over the walls (at least our walls are cleaner). The rest of our milk poured in our dishwasher. Melted ice cream in the fridge. I am getting tired.

I really freaked out on Texas when I saw the whole roll of TP in the toilet. I was about to cry because I was the one that took out the TP. The house is a mess and today I was going to detail the car. Time to clean.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


So yesterday when I was vacuuming I ran down stairs to put away the phone and to check on Marilyn. Marilyn was screaming because her brother was painting her. I think the tights are ruined.

I convinced Spencer to stop by the house for dinner (he was about two hours away and he has been super busy). He was thinking on going to a German restaurant but I told him that I would make some rolls just for him. He requested cinnamon rolls. When it was time for some cinnamon rolls he didn't want any because he filled up on everything else. I guess that I can take that as a complement that he came all the way home not for the cinnamon rolls but for me and my brisket that I made for dinner. Awe, he loves me♥

I am going to make a duvet cover today. I'll post pictures when I am done. It's going to be AWESOME!

Monday, August 3, 2009


So this morning I left Texas by himself in the kitchen for breakfast. I also left the cookies on the counter.

Soon after, he gave some to Marilyn. My pictures are all out of order. She is all clean now and wearing a cute little dress that Spencer says looks like puke. I think it's cute♥

I want pictures of Spencer!

So yesterday I took a few pictures of Spencer with the kids in our messy room. The first two he was blinking in and the third one he started to laugh because I was, and his head is down because he started laughing so hard. So the best picture is of him laughing.

Spencer is out of town again so I am stuck at home with just the kids. He left with out waking me up this morning so I guess I will see him on Wednesday. I miss him.

Dinner Last Night.

So we made the Carne Asada last night. It makes 6 lbs so we invited over the missionaries to eat some of it. The liked it. Our missionaries are Smith and Potter. Smith is from Sandy, UT and is skinny and excited about little things. Potter is more reserved, but he still laughs at Spencers jokes.
When they first got to the house their reaction was great. The last two times that brother Potter was over we had food that he really didn't like (polenta one night and musubi the other).
Both of the missionaries packed that food away. Elder Smith said a few times, "this is really good". We also had cookies. They acted like that hadn't had cookies in weeks, or even years. The whole thing could of been that it was fast Sunday too.
We also found out that the Samoan ward doesn't feed them. I was in shock! For real! They said so far they have only had one meal over at a Samoan family's and they have been their missionaries for over a year now. Samoans aren't small people; they like food; I know because I have seen them eat. I guess they don't want some skinny white boys only eating baby sized portions.
Oh well. I am glad that our food didn't go to waist. They took some cookies, carne, and watermellon with them for the road.


So it is about 4am right now. I am awake because I had a nightmare. It wasn't one like monsters are eating my face or anything gory like that. I am more freaked out when I have dreams of people doing me wrong or just weird dreams.
So in my dream I won a new stereo. I don't really use stereos so this lady thought it would be ok to craig's list it and sell it for cheap without me knowing.
So the thing that irritates me is that this person that does this gets away with this kind of stuff in real life (not just in the dream) with it's illegal. When I was in college she would do this kind of stuff to me all the time with my art work. She would justify it by saying something like "well it was at my house" or "but it's so nice". I don't think that she realises that what she is doing is stealing and trying to manipulate me. I get so frustrated when she does this still. She tried to do this the other week and I just don't want to be taken avantage of. I do feel like people walk all over me. Like when I was in high school I was the only one that would help out by filling up the tank or forking up my little sisters doctors bills. I thought that it was so unfair that none of my other sisters did this, and my mom never paid me back but out of all of my sisters I think I am doing the best... for right now... knock on wood. Ugh, remind me that I told myself to have the same standards for all of my children.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

found it!

So Texas wanted me to zip up a makeup bag and the camera was in there with a bunch of other odds and ends. The camera did need batteries.

So here is a pictuer of Marilyn and Texas in their church clothes. They are excited.

BLGZ... and what I did yesterday.

So my dad updated his blog. He is good at doing that kind of thing. He just moved out to New York from California. So now I am the only one that is left out here in California other than my great aunt and some second cousins.


My sister Rebecca started a blog for her business too. I told her that I would make her some bath fizzies for her birthday. I am having a hard time finding the citric acid so I think I will need to order that stuff online. I made a couple of bath fizzies with vitamin-C. The smell and the color was off. Here is her link. She does little girl parties.


and her website:


So yesterday I said that I needed to get some flowers for headbands because Second Time Around will have my cute little headbands on display. Spencer and I hauled the kids to all of the stores that we needed to go to and then it was dusk. I pulled out all of the headband stuff I made about 30 or so. I ran out of skinny pink lace, white lace, black lace, red lace, and all of the medium with lace. I was just running out of lace left and right. So I need to go out to Corona to get more. The headbands came out cute. WAY CUTE. They are made to match Janie and Jack and Gymboree (M2MG). I know that they will be for sale out in Knab Utah for their fair in August.

Spencer and I also stayed up late making Carne Asada marinade. I think we have the longest recipe for Carne Asada but it comes out the best. We have two couples from church that are battling who has the best Carne Asada recipe. I don't want to get it the battle. So if we did get into the battle it would be a Loose-Loose situation: We would give up the best Carne Asada ever and they would get all upset because they lost the round :P The recipe had lots of fresh ingredients and takes about one hour of prep work and it is sooo worth it. I have given the recipe to one person. I don't thing I am going to give it away anymore.

Today is the day that Marilyn wears her new dress. Still no sign of my camera. I think Texas took it because I found some loose batteries in the office and that is normaly where I keep the camera. I just don't know where he could of put it. I think I am just going to take a picture with Spencers phone so I can get a picture of her in the dress with one of the headbands that I made last night. She looks just like a little doll♥

Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's Saturday.

So all that I have done this morning is scrub the kitchen counters. I need to shampoo the carpets in the kitchen. Yes, we have carpet in the kitchen. Don't ask me why someone would put carpet in the kitchen, we bought the house like that.

I need to make some headbands today so I can send them out to Utah. My step-dad has a little shop.

Here are my headbands. You can buy them online or you can hunt out one of the stands at one of the fairs.



Here is the facebook page for Second time around... Oh I just made a little display for the headbands. I think it looks cool. You can see it on the facebook page.


Here is the site for second time around. My mom made the site. I guess it's advertising but I wish it were nicer. My dad does photography and his is nice, but my dad is a computer geek. He went into computer engineering back in the 70's when computers weighed a ton. Other than all of this boring stuff, I am going to get back to cleaning and pretending a blanket is a parachute for the kiddies.