Sunday, August 2, 2009

BLGZ... and what I did yesterday.

So my dad updated his blog. He is good at doing that kind of thing. He just moved out to New York from California. So now I am the only one that is left out here in California other than my great aunt and some second cousins.

My sister Rebecca started a blog for her business too. I told her that I would make her some bath fizzies for her birthday. I am having a hard time finding the citric acid so I think I will need to order that stuff online. I made a couple of bath fizzies with vitamin-C. The smell and the color was off. Here is her link. She does little girl parties.

and her website:

So yesterday I said that I needed to get some flowers for headbands because Second Time Around will have my cute little headbands on display. Spencer and I hauled the kids to all of the stores that we needed to go to and then it was dusk. I pulled out all of the headband stuff I made about 30 or so. I ran out of skinny pink lace, white lace, black lace, red lace, and all of the medium with lace. I was just running out of lace left and right. So I need to go out to Corona to get more. The headbands came out cute. WAY CUTE. They are made to match Janie and Jack and Gymboree (M2MG). I know that they will be for sale out in Knab Utah for their fair in August.

Spencer and I also stayed up late making Carne Asada marinade. I think we have the longest recipe for Carne Asada but it comes out the best. We have two couples from church that are battling who has the best Carne Asada recipe. I don't want to get it the battle. So if we did get into the battle it would be a Loose-Loose situation: We would give up the best Carne Asada ever and they would get all upset because they lost the round :P The recipe had lots of fresh ingredients and takes about one hour of prep work and it is sooo worth it. I have given the recipe to one person. I don't thing I am going to give it away anymore.

Today is the day that Marilyn wears her new dress. Still no sign of my camera. I think Texas took it because I found some loose batteries in the office and that is normaly where I keep the camera. I just don't know where he could of put it. I think I am just going to take a picture with Spencers phone so I can get a picture of her in the dress with one of the headbands that I made last night. She looks just like a little doll♥

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