Monday, August 3, 2009

Dinner Last Night.

So we made the Carne Asada last night. It makes 6 lbs so we invited over the missionaries to eat some of it. The liked it. Our missionaries are Smith and Potter. Smith is from Sandy, UT and is skinny and excited about little things. Potter is more reserved, but he still laughs at Spencers jokes.
When they first got to the house their reaction was great. The last two times that brother Potter was over we had food that he really didn't like (polenta one night and musubi the other).
Both of the missionaries packed that food away. Elder Smith said a few times, "this is really good". We also had cookies. They acted like that hadn't had cookies in weeks, or even years. The whole thing could of been that it was fast Sunday too.
We also found out that the Samoan ward doesn't feed them. I was in shock! For real! They said so far they have only had one meal over at a Samoan family's and they have been their missionaries for over a year now. Samoans aren't small people; they like food; I know because I have seen them eat. I guess they don't want some skinny white boys only eating baby sized portions.
Oh well. I am glad that our food didn't go to waist. They took some cookies, carne, and watermellon with them for the road.

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