Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Growing Frustration

I have a little bit of a dilemma. Texas at nine months was in 18-24 month clothes. He didn't look huge. I remember Spencer and I going to Costco to pick up winter clothes for him because all of the winter clothes that were given to us were 6-9 or 9-12 month clothes. Texas has four or five cousins that are around his age. He is the youngest by about a month and a half. Texas is taller than all of his cousins in a two year range to this day. We are at the point now that Texas stays in the same clothes for about a year. Thank goodness. He is now in 4T pants and 4 or 5T shirts because of the Nelson side having super long torsos.
Poor Marilyn is now nine months and she is in 6-9 month clothes. Her 12 month clothes are big on her. Why is this a little frustrating? It is frustrating because all of the clothes that I bought for Miss Marilyn on sale six months back are 18 month clothes. So when it starts getting cold she will have no clothes (scratch that, she will have a coat that we bought two months back that is from last winters collection). I have been shopping around and I have seen the clothes creep up in price slowly because the Christmas season really starts in August.

Places that I have seen go up in price, and the percent of how much they have gone up in the past month:
OldNavy 15%
OshKosh outlet 70%
Gyboree/Crazy8 23%
Carters outlet 50%
Walmart 10%
Ok, so the prices are on sale items that I leave in my cart, clearance items, and sale priced items at the store. I have been watching them go up. It's not just one item, I go and sift through the whole store and see that all of the prices have gone up. One place that I haven't seen diddle-dadling with their prices is Target. Bad news is that Target doesn't have fall or winter clothes on sale yet.

My solution for this year is to use all of the 12 month clothes that she has right now (almost all of them are summer clothes) and buy warm sweater tights that coordinate with the shorts and the dresses that she has, long sleeved onesies, a couple sets of pajamas and a couple jackets. I don't want to go out and spend all of our money on a whole new wardrobe for Marilyn. (If I get what is just on my list it should cost less than 70 bucks). Some of her clothes that she was suppose to fit in when she was a newborn still fit her; like her tights that are 0-6 months and a jacket that is suppose to be cuffed at the sleeves that is also for 6 month old girls. Both of them are getting tight on her and I am not sure if they will fit her in three months.
Good new is that if she keeps on growing at this rate she will fit in to the clothes that I got for her this winter, next winter.

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