Sunday, August 23, 2009

Halloween in August

So I made Marilyn her costume, and her birthday dress, and then I didn't love her birthday dress so I made another tutu and I am going to make a different dress for her birthday.
I like the short tutu's on her more. The bee costume came out so cute! I am going to get a tiara from the dollar store (I'll paint it black) and some black tights and then the costume will be complete.
So I want a red dress for her birthday pictures. I made it long because I thought that it would be way cute... I don't love it, sure it's ok, but I wanted better. So I made another tutu. I know: Jen is OCD. The short one looks much better. I am going to make a different bodice for the dress too. I think the first bodice came out fine but it is hard to put on because it is a racer back.
I remember my mom making tutus for my sisters and me when we were little and I can see why now. They are cheap to make and they are so much fun. I would not spend over twenty bucks on a tutu even if some people think that's a good deal, that is too much for me. If you make them yourself they cost three to five bucks. Not too shabby.

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