Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's Saturday.

So all that I have done this morning is scrub the kitchen counters. I need to shampoo the carpets in the kitchen. Yes, we have carpet in the kitchen. Don't ask me why someone would put carpet in the kitchen, we bought the house like that.

I need to make some headbands today so I can send them out to Utah. My step-dad has a little shop.

Here are my headbands. You can buy them online or you can hunt out one of the stands at one of the fairs.

Here is the facebook page for Second time around... Oh I just made a little display for the headbands. I think it looks cool. You can see it on the facebook page.

Here is the site for second time around. My mom made the site. I guess it's advertising but I wish it were nicer. My dad does photography and his is nice, but my dad is a computer geek. He went into computer engineering back in the 70's when computers weighed a ton. Other than all of this boring stuff, I am going to get back to cleaning and pretending a blanket is a parachute for the kiddies.

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