Monday, August 3, 2009


So it is about 4am right now. I am awake because I had a nightmare. It wasn't one like monsters are eating my face or anything gory like that. I am more freaked out when I have dreams of people doing me wrong or just weird dreams.
So in my dream I won a new stereo. I don't really use stereos so this lady thought it would be ok to craig's list it and sell it for cheap without me knowing.
So the thing that irritates me is that this person that does this gets away with this kind of stuff in real life (not just in the dream) with it's illegal. When I was in college she would do this kind of stuff to me all the time with my art work. She would justify it by saying something like "well it was at my house" or "but it's so nice". I don't think that she realises that what she is doing is stealing and trying to manipulate me. I get so frustrated when she does this still. She tried to do this the other week and I just don't want to be taken avantage of. I do feel like people walk all over me. Like when I was in high school I was the only one that would help out by filling up the tank or forking up my little sisters doctors bills. I thought that it was so unfair that none of my other sisters did this, and my mom never paid me back but out of all of my sisters I think I am doing the best... for right now... knock on wood. Ugh, remind me that I told myself to have the same standards for all of my children.

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