Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We were suppose to stay at a beach resort on Thursday night but it was booked to someone else. I was so upset that I was about to cry. I checked my reservations and they booked me for the wrong night. I printed out the paper and everything and I didn't even notice until we got there. That night we just stayed at a hotel in the aria.

On Friday we went to Disney Land like I was planing. Texas really enjoyed it even though he said that he wanted to go home a few time because he was tired and his daddy didn't like all of the traffic. I know that Texas liked it because the next morning he asked to go on a Disneyland ride. So I got passes that last for 45 days and I hope to be able to go again.

On Sunday the high of the day was cookies. Yes cookies. Spencer believes that there is a shortage of cookies in this world So I made some. Simi Wolfgramm asked Spencer to bring refreshments so I made cookies for the youth at church. Everyone loves my cookies; or they say that they do so they can get more free cookies...?

So the past few days have been those days where it has been crazy because I have a three year old. I figured out why the bathroom that we don't use was smelling so bad: Texas was peeing under the sink on the unused TP. Yuck! And I caught him shooting my tampons like a little gun when he was suppose to be going poop. I need to go and buy more tampons. We had some "mop and shine": He decided to jump on the bottle to watch it squirt out. Spencer was home when all of this happened today. Spencer got a kick out of what happened when I asked Texas who was going to clean up all of his messes. I asked Texas, and he thought that I was going to clean it all up for him. I said "No, you made all of the messes so you are going to clean them up!", He said, "No mom, that's your job". He got to clean up all of the messes that he made. It took me about the same amount of time because I had to watch him clean it up and all. I didn't have to get my hands dirty though so there was a lot less gaging on my behalf.

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