Thursday, August 6, 2009


So yesterday when I was vacuuming I ran down stairs to put away the phone and to check on Marilyn. Marilyn was screaming because her brother was painting her. I think the tights are ruined.

I convinced Spencer to stop by the house for dinner (he was about two hours away and he has been super busy). He was thinking on going to a German restaurant but I told him that I would make some rolls just for him. He requested cinnamon rolls. When it was time for some cinnamon rolls he didn't want any because he filled up on everything else. I guess that I can take that as a complement that he came all the way home not for the cinnamon rolls but for me and my brisket that I made for dinner. Awe, he loves me♥

I am going to make a duvet cover today. I'll post pictures when I am done. It's going to be AWESOME!

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