Monday, September 28, 2009


I forgot to blog about my first Rodeo. I finally did it. I went to a rodeo. We went to the San Beradino Sheriff's Rodeo. The whole family went. Texas loved the cowboys and the Rodeo Clown. His favorite part was when the Rodeo clown came out driving a bath tub and a porta-john was hooked up to the back. Both the tub and toilet blew up. He thought that was great. Spencer said that it was the worse rodeo that he has ever been to. I had nothing to compare it to so I thought it was great. Yah it was a little country like I expected, but it was really good entertainment. I would compare it to a circus. By comparing it to a circus I mean there are a lot of people wearing goofy clothing and doing crazy things that could kill them selves. Spencer has never gone to the circus so I guess that is next on our bucket list.


Oh I made some decorative blocks at womens weekend and they turned out awesome! Ok, I did take a picture of the back of the blocks because I was the only one that distressed my wood and all that they had was fine grit paper and I got the wood pretty smooth. I am proud of myself. Marilyn loved banging them together and playing with them so much that I thought that I should get her some of her own.

I am thinking that they will turn out more like these ones if I made them. That is way ok with me.

Ditch the old school primary colored alphabet blocks. I want these for my babies!

So everyone is right about me not being able to afford these blocks. The cheapest blocks that I found were at Target but they are the old school primary colored ones. These other blocks that I want are cute. I really want the mad scientist blocks from thinkgeek too but those are way overpriced. So I think I am going to do some work and make the blocks. They will look more like the picture on the top because I will sand and stain them myself. I asked one of my friends from church if I could use her saw. Because she is letting me use her saw I was thinking that I could also make some for her kids. I found some blocks that are suppose to help with development too. Each block has a different thing. For example, one will have a bell inside of it, and another will have beans, so when you shake them they will sound different. Some of the blocks have mirrors or holes in them. Down side with those blocks is that they only sell them out in the UK. I want to have a little of both of those blocks together. These will be some dang cute blocks!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I want a project.

Yesterday I went to Arizona with Spencer. (Yep, he is on the road right now too). He was trying to get some more accounts for work and didn't want to drive alone. On the way home I brought up how it would be fun to rebuild a car or a motor home. He liked the idea. I brought it up today and I know that we do not have room to rebuild a motor home in our front yard, but Spencer asked me when I was planing on doing this project. I said in about a year. He told me in five years right then. Uh, I want some variety in my projects. I don't just want laundry and dishes. I do crafts but that gets lame. I guess I can pretend that breeding goats is fun lmbo. Oh, I guess that this weekend when I am gone Spencer and Texas are going to go pick up the goats for the new business. I hope it will bring in some more revenue. I know it will take some time for that to happen.
Something else while I am being a pessimist. I hate our house. It no longer smells like pee like when we moved in and that is a good thing. The floor plan is horrid though. Who puts black carpet in a house? Who puts carpet in a kitchen? Who paints rooms neon colors? Well, the people that lived here before did. The house is slowly transforming. We only have one neon colored room left and we now have all of the bathrooms working. I keep on looking at the pottery barn catalog and envying all of the perfect windows and beautiful walls and doors that match. At this rate we will never move into our dream home and I keep on putting up with procrastinating. If I find a house that is in our price range and it has everything that Spencer wants and I want, I am going to put an offer on it. Just like I did on the Tooele house. Then I am going to nag our realistate agent to get all of the paperwork done in one day because our agent lags a bit. I like our agent that's out in Utah. I'll do all of the moving and cleaning and I'll find renters for this house that we are in right now so Spencer can't say squat.
Wow, I really need something better to do with my nights. It's late. I'll just get back to looking at this potterybarn catalog.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Man, Why am I Offeneded?

So I am up being all moody because I wasn't invited to a get-together. The get together is done and over with but I am still kinda offended. I thought the thing was next weekend and not on this weekend. They have this thing every year and normally there is an invite that comes in the mail for it. Last year was the first year that I went. It was different but I was not able to stay the whole time because I was the one that was living out in California with a ten hour drive home. Everyone else was living up in Salt Lake City with a five hour drive. I really don't even want to bring it up to the person that plans the whole thing because I know that she will just make something up. Last year I brought Texas and I was the only one that brought a toddler. Texas was way too hard to handle being pregnant and having a child without naps is hard. If I brought it up to the person that plans these thing I could get one of the many excuses:

I don't have your address (when I know that she does because we got her daughters graduation announcement)

or, "It must of slipped my mind."

or, "I did send one, didn't you get it?", Oh no you didn't just play the "it got lost in the mail"!

or, "oh, I didn't think you wanted to come, so I figured I would save a stamp"

See, if she said any of these excuses to me I would get so agitated and it's not worth it. It would bother me having her put on a facade and have her try to please me. I just need to learn how to brush it off. Anywho, I wouldn't of gone because I didn't have the money to drive out there or the money to go shopping so I will just keep it at that. Maybe when we are driving out there for Thanksgiving I can stop at the outlets in Saint George. And when I am out in American Fork I can stop by the Recreation Outlet to buy some more flashlights and other camping gear... maybe they will have a fishing pole for Spencer. I tell myself that by August I will have Christmas shopping done. This year all that I have is Texas' present from Santa and Marilyn's from mom and dad.

so that leaves:




Mother in Law

Father in Law

Mom (Birthday too)


Nelson Family drawn name





My grandma

This is just a note to self for all of the other presents that I need to get. I kind made my Mother in Law hers but I need to order it.

So on a lighter note. Santa is getting Texas a backpack for Christmas because he keeps on putting on his leash that looks like a doggy backpack and pretends like he is going to school. Him pretending is kinda' cute and creepy at the same time. It is the one in the picture. Marilyn is getting a Teddy bear that is hiding in her closet and then I think Santa is going to get her a baby doll. I am debating on if it will be the pretty panda one from Costco or the Carter's one from ToysRus (I think I had the carters one when I was a little girl. I like it because it's not creepy). Spencer needs a new jacket, new jeans and a new wallet. Spencer would like good fishing gear though. I don't know what my mom wants or needs. The same with my dad. My dad does like good food though. I also told myself that I wasn't going to stress about getting gifts for my sisters so I think if I see something that I think they will like and it being in the price range then I will get it for them. With my In laws if we ask they say that they don't need anything and not to get them gifts... most of the time there is a big family gift for each of them.
Spencer before we were married he would have his sisters go and do all of the gift shopping for him. I think when we were dating was the first year that he went out and did the shopping while I was with him. He really hates going out and making choices on material objects. He is one of the guys that will grab the closest thing to him and says "oh, they'll like this", what they heck is that thing anyways!?!?! I love him but as of last month he is no long aloud to do any shopping but grocery shopping. With the grocery shopping he is only aloud to do that if he uses a list that I write up lol. Spencer is such a "guy". I love him. I hope in November I find some good black friday sales.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

ten days later...

So I know that it has been forever. So the past week in a half I don't have a clue what I have been doing. I guess I have been doing the same old and not giving time to blog. I went to DisneyLand with the bains... un and then there is today.

So I got the toilet installed. We have lived in this house for a year now and I kept on pushing back Spencers deadline to have the toilet installed.. or the bathroom finished. First it was before we moved in, then it was five day, those five days turned into months, like before the baby's born, then before our anniversary (I did the floor on our anniversary). I guess this was the last straw because I gave him two more weeks and the deadline was before his fishing trip that he is on at this very moment with his buddies. So I called the only plumber that has done the job for us right the first time. So all three times that he had came he comes in between jobs because he lives out here in the same town. The first time our septic pipe was backing up into our house and our house was filling up with poo water. I called the landlord and they gave me a wait. They wanted us to wait three or four days to have it fixed, gosh, there is poo water in our living room and some of the bedrooms. So I called a few places. The cheapest place also said that he could be at my house in 15 minutes. AWESOME!
This time I called seeing on the guys card it says Monday to Friday. Called today and it is Saturday so I was expecting to have to make an appointment for Monday or Tuesday. Nope, he said that some other guy wanted to remodel when he was home and was going to pay the plumber more than he normally charges. So he took the Saturday job. Because of this he came over in less than two hours and set the toilet on his lunch break.
I hope Spencer doesn't get all upset that I paid someone to do it. It was less than what they charge on the radio (The one of the radio charges 99 for any clog or more if it's not a clog. They say 99 so you don't feel riped off. This guy charged us 25 for the septic clog because all that he had to do was snake it. The toilet was more, but it wasn't 99, it was less) Spencer said that he was waiting on someone to call back. That never happened so that other guy lost his job because I was sick of waiting.
I cleaned out the whole bathroom so Texas had his first bath in this house. He had so much fun splashing in the bathtub that is no longer storing a toilet. I love that we have a toilet that flushes!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stop Pleasing People.

I really need to stop pleasing people because I am only hurting myself. For real! For example; Today I called some one asking what they prefer for their birthday present. I was thinking of getting them makeup for a gift and her response was "Uh, I have mac". So I asked what she would prefer out of the choices that I had and then she said, "Jen, don't be so moody", I was shocked. I was just asking a simple question and I thought that she would be grateful that I was getting her a gift. After I hug up the thought that went through my head was, "how dare she". I am so offended! I go out of my way to get gifts for friends and family and what do I get in return from some people? Seriously, all that I ask for is gratuity in return and all that I get is crap like this. The past who knows how long I only get gifts from four people. One of the persons that get me gifts is my Mother in law and the other is my grandma. I know that both of them make an effort to go and get a gift for everyone. I think it is awesome that they remember me on special days like my birthday. I am counting my dad as getting me gifts because at least he sends me a card saying that he remembers.
Well I am sorry to say that I am not the one that can afford to get my nails done or get high end make up; most of my makeup cost less than three bucks. Just less than a year ago we found out that we had a ten dollar budget for food, gas, and clothes to live on each month. The first time that we lowered the bills it was only about 100 bucks so the grocery budget was 25 dollars a week. So far we have lowered our bills 240 dollars each month so we could go out of state to see family, to get groceries, to buy my kids shoes, gosh, we lowered them so we could do something!
So all and all I am just going to STOP! For real. I am just going to get gift for the people that would appreciate it. I am no longer going to get gifts for mooches that could save their money and get it them selves and just want me to buy them "things", I am not going to go out and get gifts for people that think that what I got them is just "junk". So if you are one the the two people that reads my blog and you notice that some of the kids are getting gifts and I "forgot" to get gifts for the parents this Christmas, you now know why.
And on top of all of this some of my family members play the emotion card on me. I hate the line, "Oh, you don't really want that, do you?", common now? Why would I chose it in the first place. Or the whole, "Oh no, here goes Jen" What the! Are they for real? Ok, look at me and my situation. Out of all of my sibling who has had a normal lifestyle? They are treating me like I am crazy and they are treating me like dirt and I really don't deserve this for what I do for them. When they do these crazy things I don't say anything because it's rude. I think that they are nuts. I don't understand what in the world that little hamster is doing in their heads. For this reason I am glad that I live thousands of miles away. I do miss them at times, I do love them, but I need space.
I am sick of this. This happens too often for me. So for now on, all of the energy that I spend pleasing other people I am going to spend that extra energy to pleasing Spencer, Texas and Marilyn. They need it. Yes, I am venting. Yes, it is late.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Went to Utah. Did you miss me?

There has been fires out here in California. They have been kind of horrible. So far these fires have been the worse ever in history. Eight days ago is when the whole family went out the the beach at San Clemente to get away from the fires. I love that beach. It's my favorite. We have made friends with one of the locals there too. His name is Chris. Chris invites us to go to Disneyland, ya, he is a bit out there. On the way back when we were driving back into the valley everyone started acting sick again because of all of the smoke in the air.
The fires were making me sick to the point where I wasn't able to function. My choices were to go to the beach everyday or go to Utah. So I made a spratic trip to Utah. everyone was saying that Utah was smokey but it is not as bad as California at all. When I was out there I was almost able to see everyone. I wasn't able to see any friends, my little sister Amber, and my aunt Karen's family, oh and my aunt Jill's family. I was only out there for four days so that figures. Ok so I wasn't able to see very many people.
One of the things that I was able to do was that I ate at Ikea when I was out there. For the price of all of the food that we got and the quality of it, the food wasn't bad, it was actually good. And for the price I will go to Ikea just for the food. I hate how Ikea is set up because you need to walk through the whole stinking store to check out. For some reason because the store is set up like that I always spend more than what I was expecting.
The drive home was long. It took shorter than expected; about nine hours. We got home safely.

Oh we looked at a house yesterday. I really like it. We are not going to put an offer on it yet. We are hoping that it will stay on the market for a while. The house is perfect. It might seem perfect because I don't like our house and I hold a big fat grudge for our ex land lords for not paying the mortgage and us moving fast so we wouldn't be homeless. The house that we looked at has three bedrooms on the main house and three bathrooms on the main house. It has a small guest house (if you want to call it that). The guess house is a studio apartment with a bathroom and a kitchen. The studio has nice things on the inside but the foundation and the walls were cheaply put together. Everything is on a little bit of property. Spencer was saying that he thought that they were boarding horses there and took down some of the barns. He pointed out where the barns were. The house does have a few sheds and a few garages. Connected to the house is a two car garage and then out behind the house is a four car garage that is not attached to the house. Pray that the market goes down more. Right now the price is low. 170K$. We are hoping that it will go down more just in case we are unable to rent out one of the houses we will be able to afford both of them. We can afford 145k$... lets hope that no one takes offers on it and the house doesn't sell and the market goes down... that would be nice :D