Monday, September 28, 2009


Oh I made some decorative blocks at womens weekend and they turned out awesome! Ok, I did take a picture of the back of the blocks because I was the only one that distressed my wood and all that they had was fine grit paper and I got the wood pretty smooth. I am proud of myself. Marilyn loved banging them together and playing with them so much that I thought that I should get her some of her own.

I am thinking that they will turn out more like these ones if I made them. That is way ok with me.

Ditch the old school primary colored alphabet blocks. I want these for my babies!

So everyone is right about me not being able to afford these blocks. The cheapest blocks that I found were at Target but they are the old school primary colored ones. These other blocks that I want are cute. I really want the mad scientist blocks from thinkgeek too but those are way overpriced. So I think I am going to do some work and make the blocks. They will look more like the picture on the top because I will sand and stain them myself. I asked one of my friends from church if I could use her saw. Because she is letting me use her saw I was thinking that I could also make some for her kids. I found some blocks that are suppose to help with development too. Each block has a different thing. For example, one will have a bell inside of it, and another will have beans, so when you shake them they will sound different. Some of the blocks have mirrors or holes in them. Down side with those blocks is that they only sell them out in the UK. I want to have a little of both of those blocks together. These will be some dang cute blocks!

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