Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I want a project.

Yesterday I went to Arizona with Spencer. (Yep, he is on the road right now too). He was trying to get some more accounts for work and didn't want to drive alone. On the way home I brought up how it would be fun to rebuild a car or a motor home. He liked the idea. I brought it up today and I know that we do not have room to rebuild a motor home in our front yard, but Spencer asked me when I was planing on doing this project. I said in about a year. He told me in five years right then. Uh, I want some variety in my projects. I don't just want laundry and dishes. I do crafts but that gets lame. I guess I can pretend that breeding goats is fun lmbo. Oh, I guess that this weekend when I am gone Spencer and Texas are going to go pick up the goats for the new business. I hope it will bring in some more revenue. I know it will take some time for that to happen.
Something else while I am being a pessimist. I hate our house. It no longer smells like pee like when we moved in and that is a good thing. The floor plan is horrid though. Who puts black carpet in a house? Who puts carpet in a kitchen? Who paints rooms neon colors? Well, the people that lived here before did. The house is slowly transforming. We only have one neon colored room left and we now have all of the bathrooms working. I keep on looking at the pottery barn catalog and envying all of the perfect windows and beautiful walls and doors that match. At this rate we will never move into our dream home and I keep on putting up with procrastinating. If I find a house that is in our price range and it has everything that Spencer wants and I want, I am going to put an offer on it. Just like I did on the Tooele house. Then I am going to nag our realistate agent to get all of the paperwork done in one day because our agent lags a bit. I like our agent that's out in Utah. I'll do all of the moving and cleaning and I'll find renters for this house that we are in right now so Spencer can't say squat.
Wow, I really need something better to do with my nights. It's late. I'll just get back to looking at this potterybarn catalog.

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