Monday, September 21, 2009

Man, Why am I Offeneded?

So I am up being all moody because I wasn't invited to a get-together. The get together is done and over with but I am still kinda offended. I thought the thing was next weekend and not on this weekend. They have this thing every year and normally there is an invite that comes in the mail for it. Last year was the first year that I went. It was different but I was not able to stay the whole time because I was the one that was living out in California with a ten hour drive home. Everyone else was living up in Salt Lake City with a five hour drive. I really don't even want to bring it up to the person that plans the whole thing because I know that she will just make something up. Last year I brought Texas and I was the only one that brought a toddler. Texas was way too hard to handle being pregnant and having a child without naps is hard. If I brought it up to the person that plans these thing I could get one of the many excuses:

I don't have your address (when I know that she does because we got her daughters graduation announcement)

or, "It must of slipped my mind."

or, "I did send one, didn't you get it?", Oh no you didn't just play the "it got lost in the mail"!

or, "oh, I didn't think you wanted to come, so I figured I would save a stamp"

See, if she said any of these excuses to me I would get so agitated and it's not worth it. It would bother me having her put on a facade and have her try to please me. I just need to learn how to brush it off. Anywho, I wouldn't of gone because I didn't have the money to drive out there or the money to go shopping so I will just keep it at that. Maybe when we are driving out there for Thanksgiving I can stop at the outlets in Saint George. And when I am out in American Fork I can stop by the Recreation Outlet to buy some more flashlights and other camping gear... maybe they will have a fishing pole for Spencer. I tell myself that by August I will have Christmas shopping done. This year all that I have is Texas' present from Santa and Marilyn's from mom and dad.

so that leaves:




Mother in Law

Father in Law

Mom (Birthday too)


Nelson Family drawn name





My grandma

This is just a note to self for all of the other presents that I need to get. I kind made my Mother in Law hers but I need to order it.

So on a lighter note. Santa is getting Texas a backpack for Christmas because he keeps on putting on his leash that looks like a doggy backpack and pretends like he is going to school. Him pretending is kinda' cute and creepy at the same time. It is the one in the picture. Marilyn is getting a Teddy bear that is hiding in her closet and then I think Santa is going to get her a baby doll. I am debating on if it will be the pretty panda one from Costco or the Carter's one from ToysRus (I think I had the carters one when I was a little girl. I like it because it's not creepy). Spencer needs a new jacket, new jeans and a new wallet. Spencer would like good fishing gear though. I don't know what my mom wants or needs. The same with my dad. My dad does like good food though. I also told myself that I wasn't going to stress about getting gifts for my sisters so I think if I see something that I think they will like and it being in the price range then I will get it for them. With my In laws if we ask they say that they don't need anything and not to get them gifts... most of the time there is a big family gift for each of them.
Spencer before we were married he would have his sisters go and do all of the gift shopping for him. I think when we were dating was the first year that he went out and did the shopping while I was with him. He really hates going out and making choices on material objects. He is one of the guys that will grab the closest thing to him and says "oh, they'll like this", what they heck is that thing anyways!?!?! I love him but as of last month he is no long aloud to do any shopping but grocery shopping. With the grocery shopping he is only aloud to do that if he uses a list that I write up lol. Spencer is such a "guy". I love him. I hope in November I find some good black friday sales.

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