Saturday, September 19, 2009

ten days later...

So I know that it has been forever. So the past week in a half I don't have a clue what I have been doing. I guess I have been doing the same old and not giving time to blog. I went to DisneyLand with the bains... un and then there is today.

So I got the toilet installed. We have lived in this house for a year now and I kept on pushing back Spencers deadline to have the toilet installed.. or the bathroom finished. First it was before we moved in, then it was five day, those five days turned into months, like before the baby's born, then before our anniversary (I did the floor on our anniversary). I guess this was the last straw because I gave him two more weeks and the deadline was before his fishing trip that he is on at this very moment with his buddies. So I called the only plumber that has done the job for us right the first time. So all three times that he had came he comes in between jobs because he lives out here in the same town. The first time our septic pipe was backing up into our house and our house was filling up with poo water. I called the landlord and they gave me a wait. They wanted us to wait three or four days to have it fixed, gosh, there is poo water in our living room and some of the bedrooms. So I called a few places. The cheapest place also said that he could be at my house in 15 minutes. AWESOME!
This time I called seeing on the guys card it says Monday to Friday. Called today and it is Saturday so I was expecting to have to make an appointment for Monday or Tuesday. Nope, he said that some other guy wanted to remodel when he was home and was going to pay the plumber more than he normally charges. So he took the Saturday job. Because of this he came over in less than two hours and set the toilet on his lunch break.
I hope Spencer doesn't get all upset that I paid someone to do it. It was less than what they charge on the radio (The one of the radio charges 99 for any clog or more if it's not a clog. They say 99 so you don't feel riped off. This guy charged us 25 for the septic clog because all that he had to do was snake it. The toilet was more, but it wasn't 99, it was less) Spencer said that he was waiting on someone to call back. That never happened so that other guy lost his job because I was sick of waiting.
I cleaned out the whole bathroom so Texas had his first bath in this house. He had so much fun splashing in the bathtub that is no longer storing a toilet. I love that we have a toilet that flushes!

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