Sunday, September 6, 2009

Went to Utah. Did you miss me?

There has been fires out here in California. They have been kind of horrible. So far these fires have been the worse ever in history. Eight days ago is when the whole family went out the the beach at San Clemente to get away from the fires. I love that beach. It's my favorite. We have made friends with one of the locals there too. His name is Chris. Chris invites us to go to Disneyland, ya, he is a bit out there. On the way back when we were driving back into the valley everyone started acting sick again because of all of the smoke in the air.
The fires were making me sick to the point where I wasn't able to function. My choices were to go to the beach everyday or go to Utah. So I made a spratic trip to Utah. everyone was saying that Utah was smokey but it is not as bad as California at all. When I was out there I was almost able to see everyone. I wasn't able to see any friends, my little sister Amber, and my aunt Karen's family, oh and my aunt Jill's family. I was only out there for four days so that figures. Ok so I wasn't able to see very many people.
One of the things that I was able to do was that I ate at Ikea when I was out there. For the price of all of the food that we got and the quality of it, the food wasn't bad, it was actually good. And for the price I will go to Ikea just for the food. I hate how Ikea is set up because you need to walk through the whole stinking store to check out. For some reason because the store is set up like that I always spend more than what I was expecting.
The drive home was long. It took shorter than expected; about nine hours. We got home safely.

Oh we looked at a house yesterday. I really like it. We are not going to put an offer on it yet. We are hoping that it will stay on the market for a while. The house is perfect. It might seem perfect because I don't like our house and I hold a big fat grudge for our ex land lords for not paying the mortgage and us moving fast so we wouldn't be homeless. The house that we looked at has three bedrooms on the main house and three bathrooms on the main house. It has a small guest house (if you want to call it that). The guess house is a studio apartment with a bathroom and a kitchen. The studio has nice things on the inside but the foundation and the walls were cheaply put together. Everything is on a little bit of property. Spencer was saying that he thought that they were boarding horses there and took down some of the barns. He pointed out where the barns were. The house does have a few sheds and a few garages. Connected to the house is a two car garage and then out behind the house is a four car garage that is not attached to the house. Pray that the market goes down more. Right now the price is low. 170K$. We are hoping that it will go down more just in case we are unable to rent out one of the houses we will be able to afford both of them. We can afford 145k$... lets hope that no one takes offers on it and the house doesn't sell and the market goes down... that would be nice :D

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