Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Spencer took Texas to get a hair cut. Right after he left the thought went through my mind that I didn't have anything to do because last night at 3am I was up deep cleaning the kitchen. The is why I am on here at this time. I am not checking my email, window shopping online, I just hopped on here to let everyone know that I finished some of the blocks that I said that I was going to make. Some of the other blocks are still drying. I asked Spencer what he thought of them and he said that they look like something that you would see in one of those baby magazines. I guess that means that he thinks that they look good. A couple of the blocks the letters are wrinkled because I put on too much shlack at one time. Those blocks also look yellow. I think the blocks turned out alright.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


AHHH! Why does my family do this. I try to make it so the holidays are half and half. So it's one holiday with his side and one holiday with my side. IT IS NEVER GOOD ENOUGH! My parents are divorced, so what does that do? Two quarters with my side, one half with his. The do not want to understand that I have children of my own and I need to take them into consideration too. So if they need to sleep or eat, they come first because they are not the age where they can take care of them selves.

So here I go venting again. Almost all of the holidays that we have had sense we were married we go out and visit with my mom. Even if it is my husbands sides turn for the holiday. So instead of it being half and half it's: my mom gets half of all of my husbands family time, and all of my dads time too. Hum, this doesn't add up. Oh ya, almost all of the times that we go out to see family we never go and see my dad's family. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, I just want the time spent to be equal.
On top of all of this, this summer I was out there for two weeks only spending time with my moms family at her own family reunion, then she pulled the card on me that she was working and she didn't get to spend enough time with me. I went OVER three weeks without seeing my husband because they made a big deal about how I needed to spend more time with family. I took all of that time for them and now they are pointing fingers at me saying that they were working and they couldn't make time, but apparently I can. Whatever!
I am just so offended how they act like what I do isn't important. They look at me like my life is disposable. The look at my life like I never had to work for what I have. I can just see my family chit-chatting about how I can drop everything and do whatever they want. I am keeping my dignity for once. I do not want to be stomped on. Stop picking on me and learn something useful.

Monday, October 19, 2009


So I bought an other over priced dress online for Marilyn because the last time I did I loved it. I love the little white dress that I ordered and she only wears for about three hours at a time. The rest of the time that white dress hangs in her closet.
So the story goes that I kept on going back to the dress online and thinking that it would look so cute on Marilyn. I figured that I would just buy the dress and I figured that I would like it no matter what. The dress looks cute online. It's looks kind of like a peachy pink in color, with the cute little carousel horses on the bottom, and the little yolk collar. It also looks like it would go to the knees and be a cute little Sherley Temple dress that would pair perfectly with Mary Janes and some white stockings. Add a big ol' bow and some curls in her hair and she would look perfect.
That was not the case. When I got the dress in the mail, the color was different. It was a dusty, almost violet, pink. Not only that the dress is long. Long meaning to the ankles, not like how the picture looks. The picture looks like it goes to the knees. I think that it might look ok for a newborn but not a toddler. I don't know what I was thinking so I returned it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What a Day

I thought Hulu wasn't working and Texas was in the mood not to let me get anything done. My son is so spoiled. He said that he wanted to go to the "Mountain Slide", meaning the play aria at the mall. Guess what I did so the house wouldn't get trashed. Drove strait to the Mountain Slide. While we were there I was looking in my purse for a coupon for a free pretzel, but found a coupon for a free photo session. So we got Miss Marilyn some pictures taken.

It wasn't Hulu that wasn't working, our computer's hard drive was going out. It was about time that it died on us. Spencer got it right after he came home from Iraq. So our computer was about six years old. It kept on freezing up. I thought it might of been a virus. Norton said it was our hard drive. It finally died on us.

On top of that, our drier stopped working. My aunt gave it to us as a hand me down. It was good to us for a long time. The lint trap was always broken. The heat would go in and out on it, and now it no longer tumbles.

We bought a new tower the night that the computer crashed. It feels like we just spent all of our savings because it was just a couple weeks ago that we went out and bought a bunch of goats so we could become goat ranchers (I thought all of our pictures were transferred but I searched for the goat pictures and they were gone. I have some on FaceBook. I could copy them or take some more). I should be thankful that we do have some money in savings so we can pay bills. And I am thankful that we have food storage. For the next week we will be hanging up clothes because we are going to wait to buy the drier. We are waiting for next paycheck so we are sure that we can pay all of the bills. Spencer gets a 10% discount over at Lowes, so we hope that there is a scratch and dent over there next week.

Yesterday I was fixing all of the damage done, cleaning without getting laundry done... and went to the movies to get out of the house. We saw Couples Retreat, Where The Wild Things Are, and Surrogates. We went to the drive in.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My kids are not spoild.

About the doll first; I found the perfect doll. I narrowed it down to two dolls then I called my mom and my sisters to get their opinions.
When I was looking I found the cutest toy pianos. They look kind of like the Charlie Brown piano. Marilyn loves banging on Texas' xylophone piano. I did think about getting it for her but I don't think she is old enough to have a fancy toy like that. I also see all of the cute little kitchens from Pottery Barn. They have one that kind of looks like their retro kitchen that they sell over at Costco. If Marilyn is going through the stage where she wants to cook then she might get the kitchen when she is older.
There is the link to the kitchens that I adore ^
Here is the link to the pianos that I think are adorable:

Texas is getting harder to shop for. He wants everything under the sun. With Marilyn I can get her anything that I think she would like. Does any one know anything about Plasma cars? They look like fun. I might have more fun than Texas though.

Time for my even more random ramblings about shopping. I did do some more shopping. I did it online. I have noticed that Gymboree and Crazy8 when they are not having a promotion like gymbucks or crazycash their prices are lower... like 30% lower. So you can spend twenty dollars on a jacket, or wait and spend eleven, then when the gymbucks are back because the jacket was on sale it will go up to about eighteen dollars. I wish I figured this out before. So, I bought some jackets for Texas. Two of them are the same. They have not shipped yet so I think I am going to save them for Thanksgiving time for when we go out to Utah. Texas and his cousin Nathaniel would love to have some matching jackets. One of my sisters found out that she is pregnant, I bought the baby a dress. I am wishing for a girl so Marilyn can have some more Friends. I also ordered a couple dresses that were on clearance for Marilyn to grow into. I figure that I need to stop going back to the pages over and over and looking at the same dang thing. I think the criteria for a great dress for her is: sleeves, cute, and under 25 for Sunday, or under 15 for every day. I figure that the dresses over at Target and Walmart are about the same price but not the same quality and not as cute.
Oh and what is up with The Childrens Place's little girls clothes? They are NOT cute! I do have some clothes for Marilyn that are from there that I got when I was expecting, but they are going down hill. The boy clothes are ok because they stick with classics for the boys. The girl clothes look like they are copying styles off of Walmart. Pozers!

I am getting to the point now that I think I am going to wait every year until spring time to get clothes at Carter's and OshKosh because they have a big $3.99 sale and on top of that they send me 20% off coupons. I have gotten onsies, dresses, pants, shirts, shorts, and shoes at that sale. It is the same quality and some of the same outfits that they sell over at Costco, but cost allot less mulah. People say that my kids dress cute. I am not sure if they are just saying that because I know that what my kid is wearing was cheap. If you see my babies, they are wearing some last season outfits. The most that I have spent on a dress was twenty five dollars and I posted the pictures on here of that dress because it is too cute to handle.

Oh reminder to self. I still need to order a booster seat for when we go out to New York. It cost more to check in a booster seat than to buy a new one.

And I keep on forgetting to blog about how I am a goat rancher. Right now we have 14 goats. One of these days I will post pictures.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The perfect doll.

I don't know why it's so hard to find a good baby doll. I have been searching for a couple months and most of the dolls won't last a year. So far, the first doll that I picked out was made by carter's. It looked nice online. When I went over to Toys R Us it wasn't any like it was online. It never stated that it made any noise or moved it's arms when you hugged it. The doll has metal rods in it's arms. I really would like to avoid any mishaps of Marilyn giving her dolly a bath and it never cooing again.
I also thought about Water Babies. They don't look the same as when I was a kid. The bodies are the same; you still fill them up with water and they shake like Jello. The ones that they make now the faces look scary. Kind of like the scrunched up new born little face. I was getting closer though. The down side to this doll is that water gets trapped inside of the doll and it starts to mildew.
I think I finally found the right doll. It cost more, but it has everything that will make it last more than a year.

These dolls can go in the bath. They are filled with little plastic beads that help them dry fast. I won't tell Marilyn that the doll takes baths. Knowing my kids that just happens. The doll isn't too big so Marilyn can haul the doll around, and the doll doesn't give me nightmares. Another plus side to this doll is that they recommend throwing it in the wash if it gets dirty. Most people don't know how nice that really is. I guess all of the dolls that they make smell like vanilla. I don't care about that though, I am excited about throwing the doll in the wash when Marilyn and her doll play in my makeup :D

Pitcairn Island

On my bucket list I want to go to this island. On the web it said that 50 people living there, but the islands picture of everyone from the island has 38 people in it. The island is known for it's history of pirates. I guess it's a polynisian island. It is the center of Tahiti, New Zealand, and Easter Island. What seems a little off to me is that out of the four Pitcairn Islands only one has people on it. That island is about three miles wide. There is another island that is called Henderson Island that is made up of coral that is over 25 miles wide that no one lives on. I guess no one lives on it because there is no fresh water and hardly any shelter because the trees don't have the best soil. I haven't read Moby Dick but I guess it takes place out there on that island. Some of the locals from the Pitcairn island believe that Moby Dick is based on fact because in the 50's they found some sculls that were in some caves on Henderson Island. In Moby Dick they believed that the people were shipwrecked and starved to death. They now believe that the bones belong to dark haired Europeans and they died due to some kind of other torture. And then some of the islanders believe that they might be strait and light haired Polynesians because when the UK did a study on the bones all that they told the locals is that they were prehistoric. Duh, if they knew the history they wouldn't of came to you. I guess there are not a lot of people out there with cameras because there are no pictures of the sculls. I am guessing that they might still be there. The last time that there was a report on them was around 1995. The locals have not heard any real news on the bones. So the bones went out to London to be examined and then they sent them back with no report. I would be upset that the scientist had the bones for so long and they weren't interested in researching them. So London mailed them back. The locals said that they just put them back on the island. Maybe they are back in the caves. That would be cool to see.