Thursday, October 22, 2009


AHHH! Why does my family do this. I try to make it so the holidays are half and half. So it's one holiday with his side and one holiday with my side. IT IS NEVER GOOD ENOUGH! My parents are divorced, so what does that do? Two quarters with my side, one half with his. The do not want to understand that I have children of my own and I need to take them into consideration too. So if they need to sleep or eat, they come first because they are not the age where they can take care of them selves.

So here I go venting again. Almost all of the holidays that we have had sense we were married we go out and visit with my mom. Even if it is my husbands sides turn for the holiday. So instead of it being half and half it's: my mom gets half of all of my husbands family time, and all of my dads time too. Hum, this doesn't add up. Oh ya, almost all of the times that we go out to see family we never go and see my dad's family. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, I just want the time spent to be equal.
On top of all of this, this summer I was out there for two weeks only spending time with my moms family at her own family reunion, then she pulled the card on me that she was working and she didn't get to spend enough time with me. I went OVER three weeks without seeing my husband because they made a big deal about how I needed to spend more time with family. I took all of that time for them and now they are pointing fingers at me saying that they were working and they couldn't make time, but apparently I can. Whatever!
I am just so offended how they act like what I do isn't important. They look at me like my life is disposable. The look at my life like I never had to work for what I have. I can just see my family chit-chatting about how I can drop everything and do whatever they want. I am keeping my dignity for once. I do not want to be stomped on. Stop picking on me and learn something useful.

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