Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pitcairn Island

On my bucket list I want to go to this island. On the web it said that 50 people living there, but the islands picture of everyone from the island has 38 people in it. The island is known for it's history of pirates. I guess it's a polynisian island. It is the center of Tahiti, New Zealand, and Easter Island. What seems a little off to me is that out of the four Pitcairn Islands only one has people on it. That island is about three miles wide. There is another island that is called Henderson Island that is made up of coral that is over 25 miles wide that no one lives on. I guess no one lives on it because there is no fresh water and hardly any shelter because the trees don't have the best soil. I haven't read Moby Dick but I guess it takes place out there on that island. Some of the locals from the Pitcairn island believe that Moby Dick is based on fact because in the 50's they found some sculls that were in some caves on Henderson Island. In Moby Dick they believed that the people were shipwrecked and starved to death. They now believe that the bones belong to dark haired Europeans and they died due to some kind of other torture. And then some of the islanders believe that they might be strait and light haired Polynesians because when the UK did a study on the bones all that they told the locals is that they were prehistoric. Duh, if they knew the history they wouldn't of came to you. I guess there are not a lot of people out there with cameras because there are no pictures of the sculls. I am guessing that they might still be there. The last time that there was a report on them was around 1995. The locals have not heard any real news on the bones. So the bones went out to London to be examined and then they sent them back with no report. I would be upset that the scientist had the bones for so long and they weren't interested in researching them. So London mailed them back. The locals said that they just put them back on the island. Maybe they are back in the caves. That would be cool to see.

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