Saturday, October 17, 2009

What a Day

I thought Hulu wasn't working and Texas was in the mood not to let me get anything done. My son is so spoiled. He said that he wanted to go to the "Mountain Slide", meaning the play aria at the mall. Guess what I did so the house wouldn't get trashed. Drove strait to the Mountain Slide. While we were there I was looking in my purse for a coupon for a free pretzel, but found a coupon for a free photo session. So we got Miss Marilyn some pictures taken.

It wasn't Hulu that wasn't working, our computer's hard drive was going out. It was about time that it died on us. Spencer got it right after he came home from Iraq. So our computer was about six years old. It kept on freezing up. I thought it might of been a virus. Norton said it was our hard drive. It finally died on us.

On top of that, our drier stopped working. My aunt gave it to us as a hand me down. It was good to us for a long time. The lint trap was always broken. The heat would go in and out on it, and now it no longer tumbles.

We bought a new tower the night that the computer crashed. It feels like we just spent all of our savings because it was just a couple weeks ago that we went out and bought a bunch of goats so we could become goat ranchers (I thought all of our pictures were transferred but I searched for the goat pictures and they were gone. I have some on FaceBook. I could copy them or take some more). I should be thankful that we do have some money in savings so we can pay bills. And I am thankful that we have food storage. For the next week we will be hanging up clothes because we are going to wait to buy the drier. We are waiting for next paycheck so we are sure that we can pay all of the bills. Spencer gets a 10% discount over at Lowes, so we hope that there is a scratch and dent over there next week.

Yesterday I was fixing all of the damage done, cleaning without getting laundry done... and went to the movies to get out of the house. We saw Couples Retreat, Where The Wild Things Are, and Surrogates. We went to the drive in.

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