Monday, November 30, 2009

Gosh Girliez, This is just an update.

Ok so last week we were gone. Like always, so there isn't anything really new there. Spencer warned me on Sunday that he might want me to leave with him on Monday so he wouldn't need to make an extra trip to pick up us and the kids on Wednesday like we were planing in the beginning. So I ran all of my errands on Monday, and we left about at about three o'clock am on Tuesday. So that means that I woke up at five on Monday so I could get a good start on things, and did chores all day until the bags were packed, laundry done, kitchen and bathrooms cleaned, garbage out, dogs fed, bills paid, beds made, carpets vacuumed, you know all of the things that you need to get done before you leave on a trip so your house doesn't smell like something died when you get home from the trip. People think we are insane for going on the road so often. Heck, My brother in laws, girl friend was complaining for being on the road for eight hours; that isn't squat for one week; or a day. Just try doing that with two little children for 14 or more hours each way.
So we got into Salt Lake to see family Thursday morning. We did the whole thanksgiving thing with the Smith side of the family. They had it at a church because their family is so huge. we stuffed our faces, and were able to visit with family.
Every year my mother in law does the whole black Friday thing. She is impressive. She went from shopping from eleven to nine thirty the next day! I started falling asleep at six and thinking about my kids waking up motivated me to get some sleep. I will admit that I am never going to go to ToysRus during black Friday. They were so unorganised. It took us over five hours to get out of there. ShopKo was great. We waited in line to get in also, but we were in within the first minute. and the lines to check out where going fast, meaning it didn't take more than five minutes to check out. Over at ToysRus I am sure that they took more than five minutes for each customer... and they didn't have all of the check stands open! While we were waiting my sister in laws were able to hit Khols and Walmart for me. Both of those places they were in and out of there within a half of an hour. They said that both of the stores took less than twelve minutes a piece! Walmart Had a big ol' game plan because of last year, maybe ToysRus should do the same.
Speaking of ToysRus, I am so upset that I almost didn't get anything after waiting in the freezing cold for two and a half hours. Why is this, it is because they only ordered three of the bikes that I was looking to get for Texas and all of the electronics they gave vouchers for the day before. So if you wanted any electronics you needed to be there at 6am to get a piece of paper saying that have one waiting for you. So all of the people that were waiting in the cold for hours didn't get a camera because that sale didn't even start until five the next day! I am so irritated at ToysRus!
On a better note. we went on a double date with my little sister Amber and Spencer's friend and co-worker Chris. We had fun. We went bowling at Jack and Jill's. Both amber and I won five bucks from the bowling ally for bowling strikes. Chris is going to ask her on another date. We bowled until closing.
Saturday we did the picture thing with the family in AF. I looked like the chick from Willy Wonka that was in the blue jumpsuit in the pictures. That is the reason that I don't own any blue shirts. After pictures we went to my grandmas and had a little Birthday shindig. I gave all of the Christmas presents to my family. Gave a book to my two year old niece Brianna called Oopsie Daisy and people are requesting it because it's warped (it's about a girl that wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and has a bad day. Her day ends with her getting eaten by a shark). And Sariah would like a pair of candie sunglasses (like the ones that I got for two of my other sisters) so she can fit in, jk. I didn't think that she would of liked them because her taste of fashion is different than mine. Later on Little Miss Marilyn got to eat cake. and after all of the excitement we drove home, slept a little and then went to church. came home and realised that I had a flat tire on the car that we didn't take to church. Awe, the adventures you can have a WalMart!

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