Saturday, November 21, 2009

Growing Fast

We were on the road so my kids clothes are dirty just like the house is a mess and Marilyn wore this dress last week so it looks like she only has one dress. I promise that she has more than that one dress.

Tomorrow little Miss Marilyn will be one. Time has really gone by fast. We got her baby doll in the mail and we decided to give it to her early. She loves it. She tries feeding it and dressing it up. I thought that all that she would want to do is hold it because when we would pass the baby dolls in the store and give her little excited and happy growl that she does when she is excited, and at the store it seems like all that she wanted to do is hold what ever doll was in the isle. Today I gave Marilyn a bottle of water and she tried to give her doll her own bottle. It was so cute that she wanted to share with her doll. Marilyn still isn't talking so when she is pretending to talk all that you hear is "Ah" or "Oh". Every so often she will drop a word. She doesn't say anything like "baba", or "sleep", but she knows where a hat goes on a doll and where to put a bottle when her baby is hungry.

When we are out in Utah we will be celebrating her Birthday with my family. I ordered the cake already.

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