Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shop and Swap

This is a picture that Celesta took of Marilyn and me at the park before the Shop and Swap. It started at 6:00 but because there are some soccer fields and baseball fields with games going on it was light enough for Texas to play.

So last night was my first time to one of these things. I heard some lady talking about this event at the park when Texas was playing and I was waiting for Music Makers to start. Music makers is fun. Texas really likes it. They sing songs and read to the kids and have a little snack. I asked the lady if I could come and crash the party and she said yes and to bring friends because it's a fund raiser to buy a shade for the playground at the park. To bad that the road show was the same night because most of my friends were attending that.

Ok back to me talking about this Shop and Swap. I thought it was going to be ran a little differently in my head so I didn't bring cash because all that I wanted to do is donate to the event not buy raffle tickets. The way that the swap works is that you bring in gently used clothes and toys (I thought that it was just baby clothes and maternity clothes before I went) and when you get there you exchange the items that you have for things that you would use. I brought a couple pairs of baby cowboy boots, some outfits with the tags still on them and some shirts that I haven't worn in years that I think I only wore them once and they shrunk so they didn't fit any more. The boots didn't stay on, even though they were cute, the outfits weren't very cute or didn't match very well with any thing else. So they things that I got rid of are pretty much the things that hang out in the closet with the tag on them and are waiting for a good use but it hasn't happened for over a year.

My friend Celesta came with me. To get in you needed to bring a pack of diapers or some wipes. I stopped over at Big Lots and got a couple packs of diapers that cost three bucks a pack. They had the swap inside of the Plaza of the Orange Terrace Community Center. When you walked into the plaza they had tables set up with signs that said where each item went. Surrounding those tables were smaller tables with vendors like Mary Kay, Tupperware, Barefoot Books, Avon, and some others that I am not sure what the names were. The vendors had little baskets where you could put your tickets to win one of the items that they have at their table. At the front gate they took the diapers and counted all of the items that I brought. I though that you were only suppose to bring consignment quality items. So almost all of the items that I brought had tags still on them. I brought eleven items so I was able to take eleven items home with me. I was able to find some things. I got a little dress that I can save for a baby shower that is pink with little stars on it, some pink stride rite shoes, some headbands, a couple of toys that Texas picked out and a couple of shirts for me (I tried one on when I got home and it didn't fit. I think I am going to give it to my mom. The other one is a bright green and it fits. I washed it and wore it today). Because I had some extra tickets my friend that came with me was able to get a really cute jacket that I wanted but it was too small for me, some brown baby booties, and a baby sleeper because she is expecting in a couple of weeks.

When we were heading out the lady told us if we wanted anything extra it was just a dollar per each item. That is cheaper than DI and Goodwill. I paid four dollars over at DI for a shirt for Texas! I've been telling Spencer that I am too cheap to shop at DI and Goodwill because I find better deals for new things at the outlets. Now I know better. Twice a year they have this event. My friend said that she wants to come next time with me so I wont need to drag Spencer with me. I was excited that my stuff that I brought went so fast (that means that other people will hopefully use them) and that I was able to get rid of some of my junk. Nest time I am bringing more of my junk!

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