Sunday, December 20, 2009

Trying to get into shape.

I saw some pictures of me over Thanksgiving break when I was out in Utah seeing my family. Oh gosh I look like a heifer. Right after that I asked for Spencer to give me my Christmas present early and I started doing the wii fit plus. On top of that I have started P90x. P90x is so hardcore. At first I couldn't do a video all the way through. Now that I have finished the second week I can finish a video just fine and the videos are long, like an hour or so. If I do a video right after eating it feels like I am going to puke so I keep away from that. So far I have lost 6 lbs sense thanksgiving which is awesome. I still want to reach my goal of loosing the 20 lbs (13 more to go), and then 10 more just to be steamin' hot for Spencer.

So far the one day that I missed my P90X was the day of the ward Christmas party (I made it up on my rest day but I was sore everywhere until today. Today I did an hour of stretching for my "rest"). I am the activity's chair so I was running around like a crazy lady trying to get everything together. I have noticed when I have days like that I don't eat. To fix that problem I started up with

For food I am going to try to eat over 1200 calories and less than 1900 and burn off 150-500 calories. So far I have had day that my livestrong account says that I need to eat an extra 1800 calories (that means NO buffets because I can pack it away and eat 1000 calories in one sitting). That is a whole days worth of food. So I guess it's all balance.

Wish me luck♥