Friday, January 29, 2010

40 Dollars a Day My Butt!

Rachel Ray, I love you but most of us can not afford to spend 40 dollars a day. I saw a article on Yahoo about a lady that planed all of her meals for the whole year and it cut her grocery bill in half. Because naturally I take challenges even if they weren't given to me I thought it sounded great. Last year we cut our grocery bill down because we got a nice pay cut. We mostly stopped eating out whenever we wanted. Rachel Ray has her show that is 40 dollars a day for going out and just getting whatever. That is too much if you think of that amount of money and what it adds up to if you do that every day. Rachel and I have lots in common. Both Italian, both brunette... uh, I guess that is about it.

So this is how I view and eating budget at each of the places:
Sit Down Restaurant: $20 per person per meal
Diner: $10 per person per meal
Fast Food: $5 per person per meal
Dollar menu: $8 dollars for a family of four per meal
Meal unplanned at home: $5 for a family of four per meal
Planed meal without hitting sales: $3 for a family of four per meal
Planed meals with hitting the sales: $1.50 for a family of four per DAY!!!

So right now I am on week two! My mom thinks that I can't do this and I am not eating any meat. Not true. I have gotten through two weeks like this and I am hoping to do this for at lest three more months. I am trying to have all of our meals balanced with alittle of everything so no one will get scurvy lol.

So far every week I search through all of the mailers that they send out for the grocery stores. Then after looking though all of them I find which ones have super good deals on meat, produce and dairy. I search for coupons for the items that I am going to buy. Out of the items on sale I make up a menu with the items that they have on sale. Get the amounts for the meals. If the items can be frozen I get more than what is needed and freeze it for another meal later on. Most meats, just like produce are seasonal. Right now chicken is cheap. Next month it will be corned beef and ham. Most food on sale cost less than 50 cents a pound, that is insane! When you think of it this way, when you go to a sit down place for a 1 lb burger you just paid 10 bucks. Jokes on you!

Ok getting that out of the way. The hard part is the menu. Thinking of different meals for every day. I searched through a dozen cookbooks finding things to make that were different for each day with what I have. It is kind of nice when you have the meals planed out because then you know what to make for dinner and you are not staring at the pantry thinking that there is nothing to eat.
I know that the menu will change during the seasons I during our summer I am planing on cooking 6 lbs of noodles at a time and grilling 20 lbs of chicken breast at a time. It just gets way too hot to cook a half a pound of pasta or a pound of chicken every day. So after it is all cooked I am going to put it all into separate baggies that would work well for meals and freeze them up. Tada, a little work makes less work in the long run (I did this crazy cooking when I was expecting Marilyn because it was too dang hot and some douche stole our AC unit! Oh, and I would cook in the middle of the night because I could open the windows and the doors to let a breeze in so our house wouldn't hit 130 degrees). Yep, I am crazy!

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jen madsen said...

that is very smart to freeze meals. I wish i could do that. though living with my inlaws..i'd never have enough room in the freezer to do it. yeah 40 dollars a day is way too much! it all ads up fast.