Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So a few days ago I took one of those dumb facebook quizzes because I was bored, Spencer was out of town and there was nothing else better to do. One of the quizzes was titled "What's wrong with you?". I had friends that got outcomes like "Bipolar", "Obsessive", "Obsessive Compulsive" and "Sleep Deprived". So I thought that I was going to get some kind of psychological term. The outcome of the quiz was "You are a Dork". What is so funny about this is that it is so stinking true. I told Spencer about it and he said that it was right. I laughed. I got to admit though out of all of things that are wrong with me that is my biggest problem. To prove that I am a dork here is a list of dorky things I do all of the time: I laugh at dumb jokes, I love doing the wii because I secretly think that I look cool doing it. I play pretend when I am doing my chores. I play with my kids like I am one of their piers in public. there are times when I am too lazy to find matching socks or shoes so I go out with miss match socks or shoes. I enjoy testing my mind too. The more I think about it the bigger a dork a become.

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