Monday, January 11, 2010


So I hop onto the computer and see a really cute home decor thing and automatically think, "What's the point of getting that my house will just make that cute little thing look ugly and there is no changing that unless we tare down our house and start from scratch."
Most home decor things are suppose to make your house look cute. Not in this hole of a house.
I hate this house and it is way past time to move out of here. Our house is ugly on the inside and out (if you saw our house you would understand. I am embarrassed to let people inside because we have a bad paint job on the walls and ugly black carpet. On the outside we have gotten to the point where we aren't getting paperwork about our home being vacant, so it's better than when we first got here... I guess). It feels like every time we move our home value is going down too. In our home each project to fix the dang house would be too much work and cost too much money; the money that we could put into a better house. The house is over twenty years old so there are a lot of things that could be done. When we moved in we did the basics so the house would be normal. I thought I got out of college so I wouldn't need to live like this.
I'm going to call Spencer and see if I can talk him into putting our house up for sale. It probably wont work but it's worth a shot.
Save me!

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