Saturday, January 23, 2010

Growth Spurt

So I think Marilyn is finally getting a growth spurt. She is 14 months today and her size 3-6 month pants are finally flooding. She eats normal amounts most days and still stays small. For example: she will eat a slice of toast, one egg and one yogurt for breakfast on a normal day (Texas has the same but with two eggs). Today she had that and a couple slices of spiced coffee cake... and a few bits of enchilada's. That was just for breakfast today.
I think she is going on a growth spurt because her food intake has doubled the past two weeks. I had a friend watch the kids on my Birthday and she said that both of them ate about two cups of the lentil soup that I made. It's normal for them to eat that much during dinner and it's normal to have Texas want more food after an hour or so but it's just a snack, like a PB&J. Marilyn after she got home she wanted two chicken wings and two slices of bread with Nutella. Maybe she didn't really eat over there. I have been trying to supplement a bit too because she is always wanting to eat so I started her on Carnation Breakfast. So I will give her about the same amount of food that I am going to eat and I give her a bottle of Carnation for her to drink. I think she is eating about 2000 calories a day!
I am having a hard time keeping up with her because ever two hours or so when she is awake she is starving. Oh and on top of this she is teething so everything is going in the mouth. I gave her some binkies because I feel like that is safer than pennies but then again I don't want here to become binkie dependant.


Jen said...


jen madsen said...

Yep she is probably going threw a growth Spert. My son who's 9 now.. I feel he has gone threw a big growth spert for the last 4 years. He always wants 2 snacks when he comes home from school and then 2 dinners at night. We joke with him and say he should get a job. It's actually really good that she is eating good. If she wasn't then that would not be good. My 4 year old.. She eats more like a rabbit.. Except when it comes to dessert.. There gone so fast!

jen madsen said...

It's probably good she is eating well. It would be bad if she wasn't eating. My 9 year old always wants a big snack when he gets home and two dinners on most nights. Though my daughter we have to make her eat sometimes.