Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me :D

I told Spencer that tomorrow is my birthday. Then he asked me what I wanted. My mind went blank but that was a sure sign that he hadn't gotten me anything. So I guess that means that I get to buy my own gift. Later on I called him and told him that you can by big storage tubs online for cheaper than at the store. I can buy that anytime and Spencer pointed out that storage tubs are really not a present for me.

I called again and told him that we got an email from Honeyville saying that they were having a 10% off sale. The only thing that I really wanted from there is the peaches and cream drink mix because over at all of the donut shops those things are four bucks for 16 ounces and so Delicious. I think the last time that I got one I was pregnant with Marilyn over a year ago so I don't get them often. I do drive past the donut shops and think of them and just settle for peach ring candies. Once the big box comes in I guess I will need to buy a bag of ice too.

Spencer also has pointed out that we were out of freeze dried strawberries and freeze dried peaches in the past. Both of them go fast because we snack on them and they are super good. The peaches the first time around were gone in a week. One of the new things that I ordered was freeze dried diced green onions. I am thinking that they will taste allot like McCormick's chives. Super excited for my birthday present! Oh and on top of everything else Spencer is taking me on a date tomorrow. For Christmas he gave me a bunch of gift cards so all of our date will be paid for; for a while. So EXCITED... and still a Dork.

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