Thursday, January 7, 2010

New York

Texas going down the hill

Us at Tom Wahl's

The Amish Buggies.

So for Christmas we went to New York to see my dad. We left on Christmas day because that is when the tickets were cheap to fly. Santa put all of the gifts under the tree the night before and we woke up the kids around four o'clock so they would have time to play with their toys and eat breakfast before we headed off to the airport.

Spencer and I both had short to-do list. Spencer wanted to see maple trees and wanted to eat lobster because it's cheaper out in New York. I wanted to see Amish and get family pictures taken.

So the day after Christmas Spencer and I headed out with Texas in the cold. We took a walk around the town of Palmyra New York. Normally they have all of the tourist in the summer but we went to all of the touristy places. We went to the place where the book of Mormon was printer, saw the four corners of churches and went to the Candy Corner Fudge Square. Most of the other places are only open in the summer. Later on I hit a couple of the day after Christmas sales with Beth (my step mom) and Spencer went out with my dad. Spencer was able to go to the place where they taped the maple trees and he picked up some maple syrup. I went to Walmart and got some half off deals of Christmas cookies and 75% off over at Lowes on some Christmas stocking hangers. We don't have much space in out suitcases so I can't buy a bunch of stuff.

Lobster is cheaper out on the east cost. Over here in California it's about 18 dollars a pound. In New York it was about seven. So we were able to have a huge lobster dinner with fancy New York cheeses for an appetizer. There was lots leftover so I made a lobster bisque that no one ate because the day that we were suppose to eat that we had Chinese takeout (My dad owns a section of building and one one side there is a Chinese restaurant. It's suppose to be the best in the aria and people seem to like it because they will drive 40 miles or more for their food). My dad and Bethe liked the soup. Spencer, Marilyn and I were only able to taste it. Spencer said that it needed more milk. Maybe the next time that we get fresh lobster for less than 7 bucks a pound we can.
We were able to go and meet Amish. It was a challenge because they do not have websites and they do not have phones so we had no way of looking them up. Beth called one of the locals that had lived upstate her whole life and she gave her a couple sets of directions. We did get lost a couple of times but we found a Amish home. The mad of the home had a little wood shop nd did some beautiful work. We really couldn't put a china hutch on the plane so we asked the man where a Amish grocery store would be. He gave us directions and we were able to go strait there. The Store was awesome. They had allot of things that you would find in the bulk section of the grocery store and more. We picked up some fudge, some apple butter, and some marshmallow bits just like what you get in your lucky charms.

After that we went to Tom Wahl's for burgers. It's suppose to be one of those big chains out there but the only thing that I tasted that was good enough to have again was their root beer. They are suppose to be a California knock off burger, but the burgers are not great. I would rather eat at McDonalds. We also hit a Dunken Donut one day and I will say that they are better out there, but out here we have the Chinese and Korean donut shops that are better and cheaper too. Wow, I automatically got a craving for a peaches and cream smothie and a ham and cheese crasaunt.

Texas was able to go sledding because there was lots of snow. We went sledding right behind the public library. Most of the local kids go there. We weren't bundled up very well because out in Southern California you really don't need anything too warm. So we just doubled up on the jackets and let Texas wear his Pajamas under his clothes.

We were able to stay at the Beckwith Estate and Mansion. This was built in the 1820's so the place has lots of charm. We were in the servants quarters. We also had our own stairway. This is one of the cheapest places to stay in the summer but it's normally booked by February. The address there is :

213 West Main Street
Pamyra, NY 14522

The Amish wood shop address is:

Wengerd's Wood shop
10729 Anstee Rd

They have no Phone because they are Amish. They are 3 miles south of Clyde New York. They are off of Route 414.

And the store:

2146 River Road
Senica Falls New York 13148

Open most days from 8 to 6

This is a Mennonite store and not an Amish store. Mennonite's are less Conservative. They have all of your baking and cooking needs at this store. Lots of Spices and lots of things that you may find in the bulk section of the grocery store. My dad really liked this store and is going to be a regular customer because of all of the gourmet foods that they have.

Dunken Donuts:
On every corner of every shopping center. Out in California there is one every 50 miles in the metro aria.

The best fudge that I have ever had:

Candy Corner Fudge Square
205 E Main St
Palmyra NY 14522

They have rich and creamy fudge of all kinds. During the summer the best thing is suppose to be the pineapple shakes. I recommend the Maple fudge. It's super sweet so don't get too much (or get a few pounds and mail me one -jk).
We went home without getting our flight bumped on New Years Eve. We had our date night and we went to the movies. Because we woke up at 3am East Cost time, we were tired at 10pm West Cost time. Spencer took home the baby sitter and we all crashed out for the turn of the New Year. We had lots of fun in New York and we are already putting money into our vacation fund so we can do it again. Texas has been Talking about Grandpa and Nanna ever sense we left. He'll be excited for February when they come out to see us.

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