Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yard House

Last night I used up one of my gift certificates that were given to me for Christmas on my birthday for a date. We went to the Yard House for the first time. We had one of my friends watch the kids and Texas loved it because he was able to play with his good friends Seth and Sarah.

The Yard House was easy to find. It was right in front of the movie theater by the Tyler Mall. We went during Happy Hour. During Happy Hour appetizers, pizza and drinks are half off. Before I went I looked at some of the reviews too see what was good. Someone said the fries and another said that the firecracker wings were good. I figure that because they were half off I would try one of them. I wasn't in the mood for fries so I tried the wings. They were ok: sweet, spicy, with a hint of soy and onion. We were told that the calamari was good so we tried that for a appetizer. The calamari was cooked right but there was too much batter and the sauce wasn't great. Texas would of loved it. Bohemian in Salt Lake is so much better.
For my meal I got an Asian Pizza. I forgot what the name of it is. It had chicken, carrots, green onions and macadamia nuts on it. If it had less sauce it would of been perfect. Spencer got the special of the day which was a macadamia nut crusted fish (I think it was mahi mahi). His fish was good. It came with white rice and three different dipping sauces. There was a mango chutney that I thought was salsa, a Passion fruit white sauce, and a thi basil pesto. His food was good. The best thing that we ordered was the Hawaiian haystack. It wasn't like what I thought it was when I herd the name. When I think Hawaiian haystack I think rice with junk on top. This haystack was a layered dish with ahi tuna, fried won tons, carrots and bean sprouts, drizzled with a soy wasabi sauce. It was so good. The next time that we go there I am getting that. For desert we got the creme brulet. I have had better but it wasn't bad. The food is better than Apple Bee's and TGIFriday's. The things that we ordered seem to be a hit or miss. Just like over at Claim Jumpers. The one in Corona is always good if we sit by the kitchen. If we go to any other Claim Jumper it's just average. The rating on the Yard House was 4.5 stars. I think I would give it 4 stars.
The normal pricing is a little bit high. Spencer ordered the Special and looking at the size of serving and the atmosphere of the restaurant I would of thought that it would of cost about 19 dollars for his meal. It was 25. I just ordered things off of the happy hour menu so for the price that I payed for them I got more than what I paid for. Everything that I ordered was five or six bucks. The servings were smaller because they are just appetizers but most of the time on normal entrees I don't eat the fillers so appetizers are perfect for me. I only ate one of the wings when I was there and one third of the pizza. Spencer helped eat the calamari (he said that he ate almost all of it, and I am ok that I only got three pieces) but Spencer ordered the Haystack and I helped him eat that.
The next time that I go there I am for sure going to go during happy hour and only ordering off of the happy hour menu. We had fun on our date.

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