Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mythical Creature

I look at pictures and I point out all of the good and beautiful things out of these celebrities. I keep on saying in my head, oh I would love to have the lashes and the legs of Twiggy, the style of Debbie Harry, the body of Gwen Stefani. I need to snap out of it. For real now, who does this? I am just making myself a poser if I conform. What if I was saying that I wanted something that no one had instead of that one person, I would be a freak. So because of the way that my mind works I think that it is the norm for people to look like beautiful freaks and I love the work that they do.
I was hoping that I could find a picture of Edward Cullen riding a unicorn so you can feel how awkwardly out of touch I feel but I guess that picture is too awkward for all of those kinds of girls. Instead of a picture I am giving a site:

Because if anyone is really that bored to be looking at my blog I just did them the honor of looking at something else that might be more entertaining♥

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mommy Mode

I think all moms have gone through this. I get my hair done about once a year and that one time a year it's something affordable. Before I was married I got my hair done about once every five weeks or so and I would also get my nails done every other week. Because of the lack of time and money this happens. Some mommies ever get to the point where they are taking care of their children so often that they stay in sweats all day so they have a clean house and a happy fed family. It's not uncommon for this to happen and that is why it owns the phrase "Mommy Mode". Mothers do not have time to put in curlers, take them out, workout, shop, cook, clean, get dressed, shower, wash hair, paint nails, go tanning and put on makeup all in one day. When you are a mother you sacrifice some of these things each day so you can get other things done.
I just got back from a birthday party that Texas was invited to. When I was there a couple other moms came up to me and they were saying things about how my eyes are beautiful and how my green shirt really made them pop because not alot of people have the same color eyes as me. They started to say how I should start to color my hair because it would complement my skin and how I needed a hair cut. After talking for a while I found out that all of the moms that I was talking to are cosmetologist. Surprise! Because I am in level nine out of ten of mommy mode they offered to give me a makeover. I think I should be a little bit offended but I'm not, I am really excited to get a haircut and my hair colored for just the cost of the product. I think the last time that I colored my hair I did one of those cheap kits in the bathroom and those cheap kits make the top of my head one color and the bottom half way different than the top. I guess looking like crap has it's perks.

More good news. My friend slash old room mate Sarah Lynn is coming out to see my from Canada. So Excited!!! I get to meet her husband and her little man. The are coming out to go to Disneyland but on Sunday they are going to be here :D

Friday, February 26, 2010

Ahhh, The Smell of Salmonella

I went back to the grocery store because Spencer wanted me to get some more of the super cheap chicken. It went up to 39 cents. I figured that I would grab a bag because that is still cheap. When I got home I started to cut it up to put in bottles so I could pressure cook it so we can have it for later. Because that chicken is so greasy my hands now smell like raw chicken. I keep on gaging from the smell. I have washed my hands about five or six times and I also got out the some of the soap that I use when I am pregnant with morning sickness. I'm still gaging. I bottled some chicken and veggie soup and just some plain chicken because I was getting sick of all of the work that it takes chopping up veggies. I can't wait until corned beef hits the sales. So far that is the best thing that I have had in a jar. I told my little sister what the budget was for the next two weeks for our home. The budget is for clothes and food. She was shocked, I was excited because it just went up and I had enough to get Marilyn some shoes for Easter (that is a month away). She can't understand how a person can feed four mouths on that amount. It can be done, my mom didn't have any faith in me and I am still going. I know it can be done because I am doing it. Tonight I think we are going to have creamy chicken veggie soup (I'll tell you how it turns out because I think I am just going to make some weird chowder up.) yesterday we had "Spencer Steak" which is just a flank steak with onions. We are going to be having chicken for a while because we have so much of it and we don't have room for anything else in our deep freezer. Now I am starting to get hungry talking about food.
Ugh, the house is a mess and I have a bunch of laundry. I went to Long Beach with Spencer yesterday because he has been working long hours and he only comes home to sleep. I went with him because that is really the only time that we will be able to spend time with each other this week. So the chores that I was suppose to do yesterday are still not done. I should take a picture of my messy house so you can see how bad it is. . . or not.

So I have all of the above going on, messy house, stinky hands, stinky laundry that is all making me gag, then I have a cold on top if it. If Spencer were here he would be laughing at me because I look so silly coughing and gaging and then complaining about everything while trying to get stuff done.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cheap Meals

For all of you that are wondering how I am doing on the budgeting, I am still surviving. I wanted to share some cheap meals for all of the people that feel poor like me at times. I think this is my favorite cheap meal. Right now it is cooking in the oven. Today I found chicken for 30 cents a pound (you heard me right!). So when I make this I cook about a pound of chicken. I got carrots that were selling at seven pounds for one dollar and potatoes that was 80 cents for a ten pound bag. It's really simple to make. I take about four or five medium sized potatoes, four large carrots, I peel them and dice them. Toss the chicken, potatoes and carrots with oil and herbs (today it's dill and garlic). Bake it in the oven until the internal temperature of the chicken is over 165.

If you like warm stews try putting all of the ingredients into a crock pot and adding an onion, a cup or two of water for the stock some bread dumplings. For my bread dumplings I use about a cup of flour, a tablespoon baking powder, a eggs and a couple spoonfuls of milk. The batter should be thick. When the stock starts to simmer add dollops of the batter to the top of the stew. Cover and let cook until the dumplings are fully cooked (about an hour).

A way to cheat to make those creamy mashed potatoes that can go with whatever. boil the potatoes, drain the water and add that nasty powdered milk that you never use. I add salt too.

Pasta! I see past on sale at times for 50 cents a pound. This may be the reason that so many people with big families have casseroles all of the time. I like the good old fashion family spaghetti sauce, my hubby would rather have something else.

Learn how to make all sorts of beans. This is how I make lentil soup. I made this for one of my friends that offered to baby sit and then the next time that she was over she was trying to make it. Soak the lentils overnight. I use a half a pound for the four of us. Drain off the fart water the next morning lol. I cook this is the crock pot because I feel like it's better if I don't have a chance to burn dinner. Add what ever greasy meat you have like: ham, spam, bacon, pork, chicken legs, or chicken thighs (don't over do it with the meat, it is just to add flavor). I add a couple carrots, a onion and some garlic. if you want more green in your soup you can add spinage, zucchini or chopped green onions. I like it when the soup has a Creole flavor so I add a spoonful of Cajun seasonings.

If you get eggs for cheap and you have extra bread that is going to go stale try making a strata or bread pudding. Their are so many different variety's of strata's. Sausage is cheap. You can make a breakfast strata with that bread, some eggs and some sausage. Or you can put some brockley in there with some ham and have it for dinner. Top with a bit of cheese, bake it in the oven and voila! Your eating leftovers and you didn't even see it coming.

If you buy corn chips, Campbell's soup has some good recipes to use up some soon to be stale chips. Just a can of cream of mushroom soup, some salsa, tomatoes, onion, sour cream, those chips, some leftover cooked chicken, in a casserole topped with cheese. It's like a creamy enchilada. Yumm. It's even good to eat the leftovers with chips because the leftovers do get soggy.

Crazy Chinese that is really American. Last night I made some sweet and sour pork and it taste like McDonald's sweet and sour sauce. It was a bit disturbing. There was a can of pineapple, one pound of pork, two table spoons of ginger, on third cup vinegar, one third cup sugar, and a third cup of corn starch, oh and a clove of garlic. I just stirred it all up in the crock pot again and let it cook in there because I was lazy and didn't want a gazillion dishes. Made some rice to go with it. We had it with broccoli on the side instead of bell peppers.

Just to let everyone know I just recently learned how to bake. Not because I wanted to because I felt like I had to. Cakes are cookies were the first step. Then it was the harder step of making bread. To make bread if you get the packets of yeast it cost about 30 cents a loaf, if you get a box or a jar it cost even less. I got a pound of yeast for four bucks and I pit in pint size jars and stuck it in the freezer. It now cost less the a dime for a loaf of bread because we also get our flour in bulk. It cost three bucks for a loaf of bread at the grocery store. I just did the math for you.

Maybe once a week I will just randomly put a menu up for everyone to see to help motivate me to stick to a budget. All of the things that I have made in the past week are less than a two dollars for the whole meal to feed a family of four. I know that we are not the only people that are hurting so it may help others get ideas for some meals to feed their families.

Do I have issues?

I don't know if I do or not. Most people would not see this as a problem ant it really shouldn't bother me. I try to keep in touch with may family but when it gets to the point where I call them every week and I don't hear anything from them for months it really takes a toll on a person. It seems like the only time when I get phone calls from some people is when they need something. They don't want to say "hi" or "hello", they are just ok with asking me for a favor and that is good enough for them to keep in touch. What tears me up even more is that I know that I have a family that gossips. Because I am so far away I am not in the loop so it is probably me that they are talking about. If you know how Italian and stories are then you may know how this whole ordeal works. If not, this is how it happens:
One member if the family is upset about something that another person said or did, so they go and vent to another person that is not in the loop yet so the person that they just told can be on their side of the story from the start. The person that is telling the story tells everyone and makes sure that the person that they are talking about looks like a terrible monster. This keeps on going on until the person that the story is about says something about it (if they ever find out about the story) and then the person that was being talked about tries to correct the whole ordeal. There are many times when I think to myself that the whole story has escalated to the point where it is now false. The longer the person who the story is about delays the process of correcting this, the more far fetched the story. Then I figure that I need to get on with my life and it shouldn't make it into such a big deal like they are or that would make me just as bad as they are. Whew, that was a mouthful.
No matter what you do you can not avoid this phenomenon. It happens every day. I guess Einstein was right when he said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

Monday, February 22, 2010

Does anyone have faith in me?

Spencer went to Target with me because I am not feeling too well and I didn't want to walk through the store with just the kids that will start to throw a fit and only me being able to control them. Some of the time I think it's nice of him going to the store with me but when I make a list and I will want to go by it, but it makes it difficult when he wants to walk through a bunch of the isles to see everything that they have in the store to see if we are missing something. Because of him doing this once I get to the last ten items on the list he starts complaining that we have been in the store too long and that we need to go home even though we only have walked through one half of the store. We all know that we could of saved time if we only went through the isles with the items that we needed.

Today we brought cash with us to the store and that was our budget. Spencer saw different condiments that we didn't have at home so I oked for us to get them. Spencer saw that I also had crackers, cookies and chocolate on the list. He commented on how he thought that I was only getting snacks and it wasn't healthy for the kids (I got the Oreo's for him because he keeps on eye balling them over at Costco and they are 8 bucks over there. Costco only takes their store coupons so that makes them way more expensive! I think Spencer is going to make some Oreo soup with all of the cookies). It's true about me giving the snacks to the kids but crackers is a better snack than a sucker. Oh and diapers are expensive! I hate buying diapers. For the smallest package it's still about nine dollars and I don't have the gag reflux to wash cloth diapers by hand. So we bought everything on the list but some of the lotion that I had on the list because it was too much.

During the checkout I saw a look of panic on Spencer's face when we were checking out. I saw it go about six dollars over right before I looked at his face. Then I handed the cashier 30 dollars worth of coupons. All of them went through. Because Spencer is spoiled and he has been waiting forever for some Ono barbecue we were able to stop by right after to get some Hawaiian food with the leftover money. Normally that money goes right back into the grocery fund for the next week. but I figured I tortured him enough for one night.

I am happy to say that Spencer still loves his cheap wife.

PS: Our phone wasn't working for the past three weeks or so and it was starting to drive me insane not being able to have adult conversation.
We made way less than last year and owe on our taxes because California is lowering the standard of a family.
My Dad and Step Mom came out to visit. It was awesome. During that same time my Brother in Law, Sister in Law and my Nephew came out for work. Even though I didn't have a phone I stayed occupied.
Last thing, Marilyn is beginning to be the cutest little girl ever. She will dance and play dress up. She is so tiny that you wouldn't expect it. I love it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our computer ha↓♀"☼►-_↕

Our normal computer has a virus on it so the moniter isn't working for me. Today is the first day in a week that I have had to myself. We have had company over every day for the past week. My Dad came into town with my step mom. Then my brother in law, sister in law and nephew came into town for work. I have had a full house. I have not used the computer in about a week.

One of the crazy things that happened was on Saturday. Ginger (our big dog) got out. Normaly it is Thunder that gets out because that is what the breed does. Because it is not normal for her to get out I went to all of the neighbors that border our house to see if they saw our dog. The people behind us were acting weird so when Spencer got back to town (he was our of town until Sunday) I asked him to go and talk to them. Why was I feeling shaded? Because the little girl said that she saw the dog and asked the parents where the dog went and the parents said that they never saw the dog. I felt like something was up. I thought that they gave away our dog to one of their freinds. Spencer went to the shelter seeing if they picked up a dog and on the list there was a shepard mix that they picked up the night that our dog went missing a couple blocks away from our house. I was so sad because the fee for a stray dog is a thousand bucks. A thousand bucks that we dont have. I cried because Ginger is a good dog and I thought that if the pound did pick her up she would be the first dog to be adopted.
After all of my praying and pouting, Monday morning Texas was about to go outside to draw with chalks, I was about to go to the neighbors that wanted to adopt our other dog and offer Thunder to them (Thunder got out over Thanksgiving break and they took care of her. The boy wanted to keep her). Texas yells to me upstairs, "Mom, I found Ginger". Me not beliving him I walk down stairs and there is Ginger sitting in the front room like nothing happened.
I still think that someone had her because she is acting skidish twards some people. She is afraid of my brother in law Dalin. Her tail tucks under and she wimpers away like she was hit by someone. She doesn't have any problems with females. She comes to me when Dalin comes close to her. As if I am a protector.
After all of the stress of a missing dog I am glad that she is finaly home again. Sometimes when Thunder gets out and starts running at full speed I wish I had a radar gun to see how fast she is going... and then I wish she would calm down because I am not in the mood to chase her down and run three or more miles just to catch her. I love both of our dogs. I just like Ginger more.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Doppelganger... and stuff.

I freaked some of my friends out with this one. Some of my friends thought that the picture that I had on my facebook page was me. This week is Doppelgager week so you are suppose to post a celeb that looks like you. That is too sweet. I guess I look like Alicia Silverstone. I like to eat meat so I know that we are not the same. Damn that PETA.
I was just looking through the random blogs and it looks like them Mormons are keeping google in business with all of their blogs. I looked at six blogs and three were ran by Mormons. Now it feels like I need to post a picture of the temple on my blog. I won't. Seeing too many of those things online makes me feel sacrilegious just like being a "Sunday Mormon" lol.

PS: Everyone please STOP dressing up your pets like they are people. It's not cute. It makes you look crazy. If you take pictures of your pets in clothes then you have proof. It makes you look even more crazy when you talk to your pet like they know what the heck you are saying. Please save us all and stop doing this.

The Mommy-Daddy Bank

Almost every one has herd the saying the "Mommy-Daddy bank closes when you turn eighteen" or "the Mommy-Daddy Bank closes when you get married". My "bank" has been closed for a long time and I know that. I don't mind but my "bank" has expanded to other "investments" of my life. I remember the last time that I asked my parents for anything. The last time I asked my mom for help on something was to help sew flower girl dresses for my wedding. Before I asked her she said that I could ask her for anything. Then after I asked her for that she said that she didn't have time so I relied on my Aunt that I love very much for all of the help. That was the last time I asked my mother for a favor. The last time that I asked my dad was when I was really sick, going to school and working full time. I asked him to help me with a loan so I could afford an operation to help me feel better. At first he said that he could help by giving me a loan but when I called and told him how much it would cost he told me to get a credit card. Both of these are learning experiences and I should thank both of them for doing these things for me. I learned how to do things on my own because of this. Out of all of my sisters I am the only one that has learned the lessons that these trials have taught me.

One of the outcomes of these trials have been that I am able to sacrifice for my husband and children. All of my sisters that have been married see what I have earned and see it as if it was just given to me. They oversee the sacrifice. This is hard for me because they just point out what I have and not what I have done to earn it. I feel crushed that they could have everything that I have but through their actions they choose not to. Just like a job, to have more, you need to work harder.
I have a sister that believes that I don't make any effort for my side of the family. With our income, the amount of time and two children living over ten hours away it is hard to go out and visit but every time that we go out there we do visit. It is not the same when my family comes out here. They normally just pass us up and hit the beach. I honestly have a really hard time with this situation.
During my Birthday this year I didn't expect much. Sense I have been married I might get a card or a phone call. This year I got a total of two phone calls on my birthday. I do make an effort to call all of my sisters and my parents on their birthdays and I send them out a small gift. My mom made more of an effort this year because I pointed out when I wanted to draw names for Christmas I wanted to do it because I thought that no one had money. I thought no one had money because for the past four years on my side of the family I was only getting a gift from my Grandma and my Dad (I feel like they spoil me because of this. Spencer's mom gets me a gift too. She is so sweet). I didn't notice this until Spencer pointed it out. I am alittle peeved because I did try to do the drawing names two years ago and then two of my sisters six months later said that they didn't like the idea so they vetoed it a couple weeks before Christmas. Then a few months ago, right after Thanksgiving and I gave out all of the presents that I got for everyone, my family drew names. I'm not surprised. I am flattered that they liked my idea a year later and irritated that they chewed me out for it when everyone agreed at first. The thing that I am so irritated about is that I feel like I am getting taken advantage of. I make such an effort to please them and show them that I love them and I get little to nothing in return.I truly hope whom ever is reading is learning.
I feel like I need to make a stronger bond with the family that I believe will not take advantage of me. Some of those people are hard working with full schedules so they are hard to keep in touch with. I am still trying.