Friday, February 26, 2010

Ahhh, The Smell of Salmonella

I went back to the grocery store because Spencer wanted me to get some more of the super cheap chicken. It went up to 39 cents. I figured that I would grab a bag because that is still cheap. When I got home I started to cut it up to put in bottles so I could pressure cook it so we can have it for later. Because that chicken is so greasy my hands now smell like raw chicken. I keep on gaging from the smell. I have washed my hands about five or six times and I also got out the some of the soap that I use when I am pregnant with morning sickness. I'm still gaging. I bottled some chicken and veggie soup and just some plain chicken because I was getting sick of all of the work that it takes chopping up veggies. I can't wait until corned beef hits the sales. So far that is the best thing that I have had in a jar. I told my little sister what the budget was for the next two weeks for our home. The budget is for clothes and food. She was shocked, I was excited because it just went up and I had enough to get Marilyn some shoes for Easter (that is a month away). She can't understand how a person can feed four mouths on that amount. It can be done, my mom didn't have any faith in me and I am still going. I know it can be done because I am doing it. Tonight I think we are going to have creamy chicken veggie soup (I'll tell you how it turns out because I think I am just going to make some weird chowder up.) yesterday we had "Spencer Steak" which is just a flank steak with onions. We are going to be having chicken for a while because we have so much of it and we don't have room for anything else in our deep freezer. Now I am starting to get hungry talking about food.
Ugh, the house is a mess and I have a bunch of laundry. I went to Long Beach with Spencer yesterday because he has been working long hours and he only comes home to sleep. I went with him because that is really the only time that we will be able to spend time with each other this week. So the chores that I was suppose to do yesterday are still not done. I should take a picture of my messy house so you can see how bad it is. . . or not.

So I have all of the above going on, messy house, stinky hands, stinky laundry that is all making me gag, then I have a cold on top if it. If Spencer were here he would be laughing at me because I look so silly coughing and gaging and then complaining about everything while trying to get stuff done.

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