Monday, February 22, 2010

Does anyone have faith in me?

Spencer went to Target with me because I am not feeling too well and I didn't want to walk through the store with just the kids that will start to throw a fit and only me being able to control them. Some of the time I think it's nice of him going to the store with me but when I make a list and I will want to go by it, but it makes it difficult when he wants to walk through a bunch of the isles to see everything that they have in the store to see if we are missing something. Because of him doing this once I get to the last ten items on the list he starts complaining that we have been in the store too long and that we need to go home even though we only have walked through one half of the store. We all know that we could of saved time if we only went through the isles with the items that we needed.

Today we brought cash with us to the store and that was our budget. Spencer saw different condiments that we didn't have at home so I oked for us to get them. Spencer saw that I also had crackers, cookies and chocolate on the list. He commented on how he thought that I was only getting snacks and it wasn't healthy for the kids (I got the Oreo's for him because he keeps on eye balling them over at Costco and they are 8 bucks over there. Costco only takes their store coupons so that makes them way more expensive! I think Spencer is going to make some Oreo soup with all of the cookies). It's true about me giving the snacks to the kids but crackers is a better snack than a sucker. Oh and diapers are expensive! I hate buying diapers. For the smallest package it's still about nine dollars and I don't have the gag reflux to wash cloth diapers by hand. So we bought everything on the list but some of the lotion that I had on the list because it was too much.

During the checkout I saw a look of panic on Spencer's face when we were checking out. I saw it go about six dollars over right before I looked at his face. Then I handed the cashier 30 dollars worth of coupons. All of them went through. Because Spencer is spoiled and he has been waiting forever for some Ono barbecue we were able to stop by right after to get some Hawaiian food with the leftover money. Normally that money goes right back into the grocery fund for the next week. but I figured I tortured him enough for one night.

I am happy to say that Spencer still loves his cheap wife.

PS: Our phone wasn't working for the past three weeks or so and it was starting to drive me insane not being able to have adult conversation.
We made way less than last year and owe on our taxes because California is lowering the standard of a family.
My Dad and Step Mom came out to visit. It was awesome. During that same time my Brother in Law, Sister in Law and my Nephew came out for work. Even though I didn't have a phone I stayed occupied.
Last thing, Marilyn is beginning to be the cutest little girl ever. She will dance and play dress up. She is so tiny that you wouldn't expect it. I love it.

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