Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Doppelganger... and stuff.

I freaked some of my friends out with this one. Some of my friends thought that the picture that I had on my facebook page was me. This week is Doppelgager week so you are suppose to post a celeb that looks like you. That is too sweet. I guess I look like Alicia Silverstone. I like to eat meat so I know that we are not the same. Damn that PETA.
I was just looking through the random blogs and it looks like them Mormons are keeping google in business with all of their blogs. I looked at six blogs and three were ran by Mormons. Now it feels like I need to post a picture of the temple on my blog. I won't. Seeing too many of those things online makes me feel sacrilegious just like being a "Sunday Mormon" lol.

PS: Everyone please STOP dressing up your pets like they are people. It's not cute. It makes you look crazy. If you take pictures of your pets in clothes then you have proof. It makes you look even more crazy when you talk to your pet like they know what the heck you are saying. Please save us all and stop doing this.