Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mommy Mode

I think all moms have gone through this. I get my hair done about once a year and that one time a year it's something affordable. Before I was married I got my hair done about once every five weeks or so and I would also get my nails done every other week. Because of the lack of time and money this happens. Some mommies ever get to the point where they are taking care of their children so often that they stay in sweats all day so they have a clean house and a happy fed family. It's not uncommon for this to happen and that is why it owns the phrase "Mommy Mode". Mothers do not have time to put in curlers, take them out, workout, shop, cook, clean, get dressed, shower, wash hair, paint nails, go tanning and put on makeup all in one day. When you are a mother you sacrifice some of these things each day so you can get other things done.
I just got back from a birthday party that Texas was invited to. When I was there a couple other moms came up to me and they were saying things about how my eyes are beautiful and how my green shirt really made them pop because not alot of people have the same color eyes as me. They started to say how I should start to color my hair because it would complement my skin and how I needed a hair cut. After talking for a while I found out that all of the moms that I was talking to are cosmetologist. Surprise! Because I am in level nine out of ten of mommy mode they offered to give me a makeover. I think I should be a little bit offended but I'm not, I am really excited to get a haircut and my hair colored for just the cost of the product. I think the last time that I colored my hair I did one of those cheap kits in the bathroom and those cheap kits make the top of my head one color and the bottom half way different than the top. I guess looking like crap has it's perks.

More good news. My friend slash old room mate Sarah Lynn is coming out to see my from Canada. So Excited!!! I get to meet her husband and her little man. The are coming out to go to Disneyland but on Sunday they are going to be here :D

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