Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mythical Creature

I look at pictures and I point out all of the good and beautiful things out of these celebrities. I keep on saying in my head, oh I would love to have the lashes and the legs of Twiggy, the style of Debbie Harry, the body of Gwen Stefani. I need to snap out of it. For real now, who does this? I am just making myself a poser if I conform. What if I was saying that I wanted something that no one had instead of that one person, I would be a freak. So because of the way that my mind works I think that it is the norm for people to look like beautiful freaks and I love the work that they do.
I was hoping that I could find a picture of Edward Cullen riding a unicorn so you can feel how awkwardly out of touch I feel but I guess that picture is too awkward for all of those kinds of girls. Instead of a picture I am giving a site:

Because if anyone is really that bored to be looking at my blog I just did them the honor of looking at something else that might be more entertaining♥

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