Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our computer ha↓♀"☼►-_↕

Our normal computer has a virus on it so the moniter isn't working for me. Today is the first day in a week that I have had to myself. We have had company over every day for the past week. My Dad came into town with my step mom. Then my brother in law, sister in law and nephew came into town for work. I have had a full house. I have not used the computer in about a week.

One of the crazy things that happened was on Saturday. Ginger (our big dog) got out. Normaly it is Thunder that gets out because that is what the breed does. Because it is not normal for her to get out I went to all of the neighbors that border our house to see if they saw our dog. The people behind us were acting weird so when Spencer got back to town (he was our of town until Sunday) I asked him to go and talk to them. Why was I feeling shaded? Because the little girl said that she saw the dog and asked the parents where the dog went and the parents said that they never saw the dog. I felt like something was up. I thought that they gave away our dog to one of their freinds. Spencer went to the shelter seeing if they picked up a dog and on the list there was a shepard mix that they picked up the night that our dog went missing a couple blocks away from our house. I was so sad because the fee for a stray dog is a thousand bucks. A thousand bucks that we dont have. I cried because Ginger is a good dog and I thought that if the pound did pick her up she would be the first dog to be adopted.
After all of my praying and pouting, Monday morning Texas was about to go outside to draw with chalks, I was about to go to the neighbors that wanted to adopt our other dog and offer Thunder to them (Thunder got out over Thanksgiving break and they took care of her. The boy wanted to keep her). Texas yells to me upstairs, "Mom, I found Ginger". Me not beliving him I walk down stairs and there is Ginger sitting in the front room like nothing happened.
I still think that someone had her because she is acting skidish twards some people. She is afraid of my brother in law Dalin. Her tail tucks under and she wimpers away like she was hit by someone. She doesn't have any problems with females. She comes to me when Dalin comes close to her. As if I am a protector.
After all of the stress of a missing dog I am glad that she is finaly home again. Sometimes when Thunder gets out and starts running at full speed I wish I had a radar gun to see how fast she is going... and then I wish she would calm down because I am not in the mood to chase her down and run three or more miles just to catch her. I love both of our dogs. I just like Ginger more.

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