Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I know people that have shopping addictions and it gets to the point where they are in debt and and are a hot mess. I am not sure if I have a shopping addiction because mine is where I get coupons and shop all of the sales to find some unreasonable good deals. I just mailed out some coupons to my little sister to use on her niece from the store Carters. Carters has some cute clothes for little girls and their sizes run to toddler. The reason that I sent them to her is because all that I saw that I wanted there for Marilyn was one little dress. The coupon that I sent her was a 25% off of $40 and then on top of that they will give you are $10 cash card for every $25 you spend. I will admit that I do like buying clothes for my cute babies but with our budget I don't need to get them clothes right now. So maybe my mom will ask to have one of the coupons and get Miss Marilyn the dress. In my dreams. Well I sent my little sister about four coupons that are good for a while. Now those coupons will not be tempting me.

When I think of a shopping addiction that has gone too far I also think of the people that hoard everything. I have a hard time keeping my kids clothes in the gar rage for years to pass on to another child. But at the same time I feel like my house is turing into a mess because my husband feels that there is a need not to have a place for everything. This is one of the reasons that the office is so messy and another reason that I bought tubs for bolts, bits and screws out in the garage. Random thought, I would like more tubs and shelves out in the garage. I am earing the shelves slowly by budgeting groceries. So the money saved from one thing goes to another. By November Spencer should be able to get me some shelves. I don' think he will but because I am budgeting and I have even gotten to the point where the food and clothes are in the same budget he should be proud of how little I am spending. Two years ago I think we were spending at least four times the amount that we are spending now.

I don't hoard I buy 9 months in advance for clothes. Once I started to do this I have met lots of people that do the same thing. All that you do is by after the season is over and that 50 dollar jacket is now 10 dollars. Marilyn's Easter dress this year is from last years Janie and Jack collection. It was selling for $48 and I got it for about 10. I am really excited that she will fit into it this year. My husband looks at all of the clothes in her closet but he doesn't realise that there are only 12 outfits that fit her (I counted. I pulled out all of the clothes that would fit her because she was down to four outfits). Texas has a tub to grow into that is in our closet. He was climbing up in his closet and getting in to the new clothes and taking off all of the tags when he would play dress up. The down side to this is that if you kids has a huge growth spurt and you only bought one size up then you have a bunch of clothes that won't your child next year.

Redecorating addiction to make things look at least normal. Ok, we have a black bathroom at our house (people think that I am exaggerating when I tell them but everything is black. Black floors, black walls, black door). It was like that when we moved in. I have not gotten around to painting it. There is no place to hide toilet paper in that bathroom. It's a half bath so the black walls make it look smaller. So this is what I am going to do. Take before pictures of the nasty bathroom. I just got a coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond and I am going to get one of those space savers for on top of the toilet. I am going to paint it a red-orange-rust color. I am going to get a new mirror with a goddy frame that is silver and gold. I am going to use some of my skills that I learned in college and paint some poppies (red poppies with olive green leaves) on the black walls. I am going to buy a rust colored rug that is about the same color as the space saver. After all of this is done I am hoping that the bathroom will look like a normal bathroom. I have approval from my little sister that I face booked. She said that it would look good. In my head it is sounding ok. Now I need to save up 100 bucks to start this thing.
Food storage addiction. Wut? I think I am borderline. I think right now we only have about six months worth of food but I have learned how to use the food that we have and I find it fun to learning how to. It's like when you learn how to do a new thing that is really cool... wait, I just said almost the same thing twice. Ok, well you have all of this food will last 10-30 years, when you start to get tight on your money you go to the food storage and whip something up. We have even gotten some special freeze dried things for our food storage like freeze dried cheese and freeze dried fruit. Spencer bought me a pressure cooker too so I can bottle meats right after sales so our freezer is not over flowing. It's nice to have a little of everything. We have all of the baking needs, spices, meats, dairy, fruit, veggies, condiments... hum we have a bit of everything. We are not going to starve today. I love having it because we can seriously go for a month without going to the grocery store if we live off of that stuff and at the same time not get sick of it. I really want to get shelves so we can have a nice and organised food storage and there be enough room in the garage for a car or two because we do have a two car garage and that is what the thing was made for.
Caffeine addiction. I would really like an ice cold diet Pepsi. I don't want to go to the store and just get that one thing. Maybe I am craving it because my head hurts.
Marilyn has some addictions too. She is addicted to her soft baby doll. During her nap today she pulled her doll through the slats of her crib so she could watch Sesame street with her brother. She also likes a pacifier. She picked up the Binky when she quit the boob. Her dolly is kind of bad though. Tonight she had her doll in her crib but there were some other toys in there with her. About an hour after I tucked her in she started screaming. I go into her room to find her sitting up with a stuffed monkey clenched in her hands. She was so upset that a monkey was taking the dolls place.

If you wanted to know what I have made the past few days for dinner we have had chili dogs made with home made chili, creamy chicken chowder, and cheeseburger hambuger helper lol. Those have been the main dishes for our dinners. It's easy to cook veggies on the side. On my menu it says that we are suppose to have a sun dried tomato pasta but because I am being lazy I think Tuna helper will be fine.

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