Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So yesterday I did all of the running around and the cleaning like a crazy lady all while I have this nasty head cold. My day started at 3am because I couldn't fall asleep because I kept on waking up due to the head cold trying to drown me in my sleep. I did everything: dishes, vacuum, deep clean, park, shopping, cooking, paying bills, family night and more cleaning. I did all of this in one day because I was told that we were going to have company over today. Because one of the guys driving down is an eater, I think he doesn't want to stay over because we didn't feed him enough and he seems like the kind of guy that doesn't want to offend anyone so he is being polite and getting a hotel. The other guy that is coming down is Spencer's brother and he hears of all of the people that are always coming over and staying at our house and he doesn't want to be a burden so he is staying with the other guy. I really don't mind having people over. It gives me some kind of variety in my day and because they are coming down for work they are only here to sleep and shower anyways.
So I am thinking that I will do some more Spring cleaning today because I still have this head cold and I shouldn't be around too many people. Spencer is thinking that this head cold may be allergies. Who knows? I guess I will get back to cleaning. Tomorrow I think Texas is going to have some friends over. I should call the mom and tell their kids to wear grubby clothes because right now we have two goats in our back yard and I am sure that Texas is going to want to have his friends play with them. The goats are nice because they are protective of the children, entertaining for the children and they are getting rid of all of our weeds. Maybe all that is happening is just like the story Three Billy Goats Gruff. We even have the goats at our house to illustrate.
If you know the story the troll lives under the bridge hears the smallest goat crossing and yells at him saying that he needs to pay the toll or he will be eaten, because he is so small he tells the troll that he is small with out much meat on him and his older brotehr is coming to cross the bridge and he would be better to eat, so the troll lets him go. So the troll waits for the second goat. The second goat says the same story to the troll and then the troll lets that goat cross the bridge and he waits for the third goat. The third goat comes along and the troll says the same thing but because the goat is so large and strong he head buts the mean troll into the river and no one ever sees the troll again. Whahaha! I am the mean troll, all that I wanted was some barbecue! Just kidding. I think the moral of the story is about people taking advantage of others and learning what is right and wrong. Just like Star Wars and the forces of good and evil if that is more your language. Or the story is about the government and taxes. Hum, maybe I should stop talking.

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