Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Lesson in Life

I was thinking back to a time where I was in High School. One of the test that I had in English I got the lowest score and the girl that was sitting next to me had to announce it to the whole class. English was my worse subject. Everyone heard what she said. I was so embarrassed that I ran to the bathroom crying. The teacher followed me in and asked if I was ok. We started talking and all that I did was bitch about how evil she was and how unfair it was that she was able to have everything handed to her on a platter. I thought that it was so unfair that she was aloud to be so mean and such a bitch and get away with it. The girl that said it wasn't a pretty girl, she was just naive and so, so, so stupid. The teacher agreed with what I was saying about how my life and her life is so different that it was unfair to compare our work. The teacher pretended to agree with everything that I was saying. The teacher left the class to see why I ran out of class and I don't think this kind of situation would ever happen today.
I was so upset that this other girl had both of her parents living at home. She didn't have to have a job. She was able to do sports after school and she was able to do whatever she wanted over the summer. Those are things that I wasn't able to do. I think the Teacher thought that I was upset that I got the bad grade but it was really that the other girl was so naive and didn't realise how simple her life really was and that some people didn't have the opportunity to study.
Looking back now I don't feel spoiled but I feel like I learned more about understanding because I was so upset at this one situation at the time. The teacher seemed to understand where I was coming from even though she said that she didn't have divorced parents and she wasn't a teenager like I was. And looking back I understand how if some people need to learn by experience and some other people can learn from other peoples experiences. I don't think that girl to this day has been able to learn from other peoples experiences. The Teacher showed empathy. I just needed some time to learn my lesson.

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