Friday, March 26, 2010

Update on the food budget...

I think I have been doing really good. I have gotten to the point where we only go grocery shopping every other week instead of once a week. Shopping every other week has cut our bill down but then when it is time to go shopping again we have no produce at all. I still need to go through all of the adds every week to see what store has the best prices. Today I went to Feista Foods. They had some store coupons in the mailer that they sent out for crazy good deals. They had bread for 39 cents and a pound of flour for 40 cents. Their produce is very competitive too. Bananas were 25 cents a pound and strawberrys were a dollar a pound when they are not really in season yet. I walked past the cerial isle and it was way over priced, like four or five bucks a box.

So here is the list of things that I got:

Bananas 25 cents a pound
Strawberries 1.00 a pound
Grape seed oil 5 dollars per two liter
bread 39 cents a loaf
tomato sauce 33 cents (canned food is cheaper in Utah. I would love to see a case lot sale out here in California)
Flour 50 cents a pound
Bacon 1 dollar a pound
clemintines 50 cents a pound
gala apples 50 cents a pound (we had some and I don't think they are going to last til tomorrow. They are really good)
milk two gallons for four bucks
Soda 4x12 packs for 8 dollars (Texas is going to be having his birthday party. Seperat budget just for that)

Thing I got that were not on sale:
cheese 3 dollars a pound
enchalada sauce 2 dollars (a large can cost less than the small cans, the small cans were 3 bucks.)
yogurt 2.90 but I use a coupon... it still cost too much.

I am proud of myself that I was able to get food for the two weeks and some things for food storage and I stayed in budget. The oil is going into long term and the tomato sauce. Yeah!
Texas is getting a bigger budget for his party than we are for groceries. We have cut enough on our grocery bill that we can do this. It's weird how that works but I don't want to cook for more than thirty people. So he is getting pizza and his green shark (watermellon carved into a shark for a fruit salad). If Texas wants a pinata, then I am making a cake. I am leaning more twards the whole giftbags more than the pinata because all of the big kids take all of the candy and the little ones get nothing.
I have been picking up some produce at the dollar store. I waited in line at the grand opening of the 99 cents only store and I got a scooter for 99 cents. They have produce and gormet food there so some boxed food that they have at the grocery store for three dollars. I got asperagus and mushrooms there and I went home and made some holindase sauce and an omlet to go with it. It really helped out with getting rid of the feeling of me just eating cheap food. I only spent two dollars on that.
Most of all I am SICK of chicken! I stocked up on it and we have so much chicken in the freezer. I would like a good steak. The other thing is that it is hard to make produce stretch for two weeks. Those strawberries are going into the freeser.

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