Saturday, April 17, 2010


So I registered for this site that is called bTrendie dot com and one of the brands that they were selling for half off is named neige. I was looking and I think that they are the cutest collections for children ever!
I won't pay what they are charging still for their clothes. I normally do the whole Carters, or OshKosh outlet with a 25% off coupon and search through the clearance or I go online to Gymboree clearance section and wait until they are having a 30% off sale and giving gymbucks for every fifty you spend. (I normaly save 80% of the original price of kids clothes at any store) And even less often I look through the clearance over at Target for things like pajamas. At times they have a 75% off rack, that is the only time that I think it may be worth it.
When I splurge for kids clothes it's over at Janie and Jack and their clothes are on clearance so they are about the same prices as Target when the clothes are not on sale.
Blah blah blah blah... blah. Wow. Ok, ok so the clothes that I get do look a little bit generic but people say that I dress my kids cute (or they are lieing!!!). I just get whatever is cheap. Limit 10 dollars for dresses (I get alot of dresses for 2 bucks), 20 for coats (and most jackets in the closet for the kids cost me about five), five for tees (most T's have cost me a buck or two), seven for jeans (I love when oshKosh has a 3.99 sale), one per each pair of socks or undies. There you have have what I pay for my kids clothes. I am not paying 50 bucks on little dresses.

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