Friday, April 30, 2010


So I am going to do it. I am going to switch Marilyn to cloth diapers. I know that she is getting big to transition her into cloth diapers but I am getting so tired of her having diaper rashes. We go through a big 40 dollar box a month so disposables are costing a fortune. I am hoping that her rashes will start to disappear.
I have done a whole lot of research on the Internet to see what kinds of diapers are popular and which ones work the best. I am getting a few different brands to try them out. Maybe by the time that we have our next child we will know what we like and dislike about different brands and we may get some more... if I get the hang of washing all of them.
I have researched how to wash them. I found out that the laundry soap that we use was the top rated soap for washing diapers. I guess it washes out the smells and the stains well while at the same time the fibers in the diapers don't fall apart as fast with this kind of soap. I was getting buying it in the first place because so far it's the only one that I have found that Spencer isn't allergic to. I got lucky on that one. I can give you all of the steps to washing out the diapers. I am not sure if it's worth your time. I googled and youtubed how to do it and some of the people that showed how to do it I thought that they were doing a step wrong. Howcast did the best job on doing it the right way in my oppinion.
I only know a couple people that use cloth diapers for their children. One of the girls uses them to help the environment, the other uses them because she gave up on trying to find diapers that her son wasn't allergic to (she was using a diaper service and paying them 20 cents a peice to wash them with the soap that she gave them. The things you do for kids). I guess I am switching because Marilyn's rashes, to save money in the long run, and to help potty train her. I can admit that I am sick of paying for diapers to find out that she can't wear them. It breaks my heart more than everything else when she has a bad rash that I need to wipe poop off of.

I told myself with Texas that I would never use cloth diapers because I thought they were unsanitary (a poop covered rash it way more unsanitary than a diaper that has been pooped in before). I think my change of heart is a last resort. I'll post an update after a couple of weeks of using the new diapers to let everyone how it is working out.

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