Saturday, April 3, 2010

Splurge for the Holiday

So I stayed in budget for Texas' birthday by five bucks (or it was more like four dollars and change). He had everything that he wanted, I got goody bags and he got his watermelon shark that I searched hi and low for that watermelon and at the same time I stayed in budget. The party went smothly and everyone had fun.

I went shoping today. I searched through all of the adds and because there is a holiday that is tomorrow the only thing that was a good sale was the hams. I really wanted a ham so that is where we went. It was 90 cents a pound. Albertsons was three times the price. It put a pit in my gut when I realised that I was buying eleven pounds of ham. I don't even like ham. This ham is just for Texas and Spencer to eat and for me to feel festive.

I went over budget by TWENTY DOLLARS! I guess if I skip going to the grocery store next week I will be safe. I was doing so good and then I just messed it all up.

Do you want to know how I went over? Well first off I bought a ham. It cost less than everywhere else but it's was still over ten dollars worth of ham. The second thing was that the other day Spencer went out and bought two things of Dryer's icecream and I found the reciept. Holy Cow! My husband spent ten bucks on just icecream (and it was just two things). Because he did that I knew at the store that we were going to had ice cream on sale so I bought some. I also bought a HUGE jar of pickles because we havn't had any in our house in forever and they looked super good. Now I have a gallon of pickles. Never go to the grocery store when you are hungry.

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