Saturday, April 17, 2010

What to get at the dollar store, what to get somewhere else?

On they have an article on what is cheaper at the dollar store and can save you mulah. I agree on almost all of it. At the dollar stores by our house they even have a produce section that rocks.
What is kind of sad is that everything on their list of what is a better deal at the dollar store I have bought there in the past year.

Here is the list of items:

Cleaning Products
Bath and Beauty
Bath Products
Gift Wrap
Scrapbooking Supplies
Kitchen Gadgets and Tools
Children's Books
School Supplies

Here is the more in depth "Jennifer" list of items:

Cleaning Products: Arm and Hammer, Mr. Clean, bleach
Snacks (food): candy
Bath and Beauty: Bonnie Bell lipgloss, curlers, hair clips, goodie hair ties
Bath Products: pump soap, luffas, brand name soap
Gift Wrap: I get almost all of my gift wrap there
Scrapbooking Supplies: 3m tape, crayola cutter, stamps, disney everything
Containers:sterilite CD tubs, mop buckets, food storage
Kitchen Gadgets and Tools: high temp silicone spatulas, high temp silicone basting brushes
Children's Books: Nick Jr, Disney, and Sesame Street
School Supplies: name brand crayons, scissors

Other things that I have bought at the dollar store:
Drinking glasses
sun glasses
dress ties
Gerber graduates
Gerber dishes
Tony's dirty rice, eggs, spices, at ours they even have a gourmet section.
The list can go on and on...

Almost all of the items on the list that I wrote down cost twice as much or more at any other store. I had a friend that told me that she never went to the dollar store. She has now. I just don't see the point of spending over five bucks on something that you can get for a buck.

Other deals that you can sometimes get a better deal (some things when you have a coupon) are things like:

in season produce
cake mixes
light bulbs
cleaning suplies (with rebate at times)

Recently I have gotten some of these items for free with coupons or for more than half off the price of the dollar store.

If you don't have room in you home to stock pile I say try coupons because most of the time the smaller items you can get for almost free (but if you need to buy more then the other items will cost even more than the small items plus the others... if that happens see if you can buy bulk). If you have a big family and you need more pray that your town will get a case lot sale and clip coupons (So sad, California doesn't have case lot sales).

This should come to some people as a big fat duh. But there are people that have never been into a dollar store and other people that have never gone to a bulk section of a store (I ♥ Target's bulk section, it's way better than costco!) Figure out what works best for you.

P.S. The person that I thought was cheap called me the cheapest person she knows lol. I just get a thrill out of getting a better deal than what the average person gets and I feel guilty when I need to spend an arm and a leg on something (even if I do have the money, who cares!). Some people have requested for me to send them emails of the really good deals where you get things for free with coupons. It feels like I just won something if I get it for free. Who doesn't like being a winner?

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