Thursday, April 15, 2010

Whew! Marilyn, You're Freaking Me Out!

I can't go back to sleep. That is nothing out of the ordinary. Why I can't go back to sleep is different. I am one of the parents that will check up on the kids from time to time when they are sleeping. I checked on Marilyn and she wasn't breathing! Her chest wasn't going up and down, I couldn't feel a slight breath on my hand, her arms were limp, and I tried to tickle her foot to see if she would respond to that. Nothing! So me in a panic yelled her name and started to pick her up and then she gasped. She wasn't breathing for a good seven seconds or more. I woke up Spencer in the process of me yelling her name.
There was another time when I noticed that she wasn't breathing but after I tickled her foot she snapped out of it and I just thought in my head that it was maybe my imagination.

After this happened all that I can think about is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Sleep Apnea. Wondering if some babies just don't wake up because of some kind of form of Sleep Apnea.

I googled to see if some babies do have sleep apnea because my heart is still thumping. I guess it is something that happens:

When I go out to Utah I think I am going to get Marilyn checked out because most of the Doctors out here really don't care. Whenever I take the kids to the doctor for a checkup they say that there is nothing wrong with them and I am just being a paranoid mother (well not in those words, but you get my drift). To the doctors out here all that I am is a number that they can write off to the board or heath. I don't see something like this as me being paranoid. What if Marilyn never wakes up one of the times.

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David and Alisha said...

Oh my gosh! That is so scary!! I also check on my kids while they are sleeping. This is my worst nightmare! I hope you can get some answers soon.