Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yeah for SALES and COUPONS!!!

So I did it again with the budgeting. I didn't go over though. I just looked super silly going to three grocery stores to get a couple items at each place. I went to Stater Brothers for just cereal. They had it on sale for 1.50 a box and then I used my nice 1.00 off two boxes of general mills cereal. The lady at the checkout called me crazy. After I did that I went to Albertons and got some hamburger helper, tuna helper and chicken helper. It was on a three day sale for 88 cents (it's normally 2.99). Used a 75 cents off of three, so that makes them 63 cents a box; score. Now we have some food storage and I didn't need to go out of budget. At each place I went to I saved over 50% of the original price of the full receipt.
I just made BLT's to celebrate (don't worry, bacon was on sale). I am still really sick of chicken. I made BBQ chicken last night, it wasn't bad tasting, I am just really sick of chicken.

Right now the really good sales at Target (when you use coupons) are:
Vaseline lotion: use a Target coupon and one from redplum, makes it FREE (or 50 cents if you want to get a bigger bottle. That is still not bad)
Light bulbs: Target coupon and coupon, makes it FREE
Kellogg's cereal: Target coupon and Kellogg's coupon, makes it about a buck
Huggies little swimmers: Target has a coupon and so does Huggies, save 2.50-4.50
I clipped some other coupons but those are the ones that are really good. I feel like I am getting the hang of couponing. It's really nice because now there is more veriety in our food storage and what we eat for dinner.

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