Monday, May 31, 2010

Costco is Expencive.

I am just proud of myself for getting something that we were running low on for less than half of the cost of Costco. Out here the toilet paper and paper towels are about 17.99 bucks a package and over at Target they are on sale for 10.99 or 11.99. Target has a store coupon for both of them and so does the manufacture. Then when you buy two of the items you get a five dollar gift card. So they come out to 6.99 each (I checked out in my garrage and they are the same size package). This is one of the many reasons that I like shopping at Target.
There is also coupons for the scrubbing bubbles automatic toilet sprayer. There is a coupon on target's site and then there is one on the SC Johnson's site. It comes out to free and plus there is a 5 dollar rebate for every three SC Johnson items that you buy. I have made money from SC Johnson and I love all of the toilet brushes that I have gotten.
Last week went I went to target I was able to get alot of Kraft foods for buy one get three free with all of my coupons wich is an awesome deal. Thank you Kraft for mailing me coupons. I am thinking of getting rid of our costco card because I never go to costco any more because if I look through the ads it is cheaper to go some place else.

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jen madsen said...

I like target for a lot of things too.. toilet tree items, clothes, (never walmart) toys, I love there dollar items too. My husband and i do have a costco membership. We are surprisingly good at doing our best to buy things we only need. Milk,eggs, fruit, veggies,ect..It does help a lot living with my in laws. They buy most of the food and toilet paper, paper towel. Otherwise i'm sure dan and i would end up paying a ton more money at costco.