Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm a Perv

So about a week ago Spencer and I were at Kenpo. I was wearing a loose fitting shirt. Towards the end of class when we were stretching, Spencer pointed out that I should wear a different shirt. I looked down and I saw strait down my shirt to my undies. Out of instint I looked around the class and there was a creepy guy that gave me eyebrows, a smirk and a head nod. I then called Spencer a perv. Spencer then pointed out that I was the perv because he wasn't the one that was thinking dirty. Now whenever the other guy looks at me he'll be thinking about how my shirt fits.

That is not the only short story. Today I was thanked for being a perv. Verbatim "Jen, you're such a perv. It's ok because you're rubbing off on [wife's name], thanks". He probably is just thanking me because I told his wife how to get a free bottle of twenty dollar K-Y. Maybe they tried it out. I do hang with his wife often because our kids are the same age. On rare occasions I tell her perverted stories but they are never X-rated. Rarely there are comments that are X-rated.

Perverted picture of the day:

Dolls that are in desperate need of a shopping spree.

Last time. this just happened right after I posted ithe blog so I am adding this a few hours after I posted everything else. I thought it went along with my theme. I just had to add this person that said politly that there are perverts out there. So here is goes:

My friend: Well shoot, I have no clean clothes for work today.....
Me: I guess you need to go naked. (I put that before I even posted this blog)
My freind's, freind: Glad to hear you didn't come in naked... We have too many perverts that come to our store that I'd be worried about you. (that perv would be me but I if I saw her naked I would just giggle and ask why she came to work naked)

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